Stitch’s Great Escape to Become Alien Encounter Character Greeting

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New signage has appeared outside of the now seasonal “Stitch’s Great Escape” attraction in Tomorrowland at the Magic Kingdom. Sign’s now read “Alien Encounter Character Greeting” while keeping the same Stitch imagery.

It would appear that the queue and space for Stitch’s Great Escape will now be used as a (semi) permanent meet and greet space for Stitch (and friends.) Stitch was meeting with guests on Main Street, U.S.A. earlier this year and in front of Space Mountain throughout the summer.

New signage overlay reads Alien Encounter Character Greeting. Photo by @1Ben_Laurence

While Stitch’s Great Escape is still listed as seasonal on the official Disney World website, many speculate that the show may never open again, and the meet and greet usage may only be temporary until a new brand-new attraction takes over the space.

The slyly named Alien Encounter Character Greeting has not yet opened. Only new signs have shown up around the area. With the queue and pre-show area being utilized as a trick-or-treat location for Mickey’s Not So Scary event, the new meet and greet may not officially open until this year’s Halloween event has ended.

Stay tuned for more details on this developing story. We hope you got your last rides in at Stitch’s Great Escape, as this could mean the end for the attraction for good. Subscribe to the news feed to never miss an update. Character Greeting photo by @1Ben_Laurence

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