Terminator 2: 3-D

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Duration: 22 mins
No Restrictions
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The future is coming... after YOU! Join forces with the Terminator in a battle to prevent mankind's extinction at the cold, steel hands of menacing cyborgs. You'll dodge plasma blasts. Feel objects whooshing past you. And become completely immersed in the 360-degree action of this thrilling adventure set in an apocalyptic wasteland.

Terminator 2: 3-D is a spellbinding mix of live action stunts, special effects and amazing 3-D filmmaking. You'll feel like you can reach out and touch the characters (and feel like the cyborgs can reach out and touch YOU as well). Featuring both familiar characters from the Terminator movies and an array of all new characters, it's a totally unique experience that will have you saying "Hasta la vista, baby" to entertainment as you know it.

Helpful Tip:
Arrive 15 minutes prior to show time. Doors close immediately at show start.

Seats near the middle of a row and behind the large walkway (separation between front and back of theater) offer a great view of all screens, plus the live actors as they walk through the crowd at certain points of the show.
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Family Guide:
Very loud noises, simulated gunfire, darkened theater, and PG style movie violence, so parental guidance suggested. If you're worried your child may not fare well under these conditions but wish to try the show out anyway, sit near the back-left of the theater so you can leave without interfering with the live actors.

Fun Facts:
Terminator 2:3-D is an interactive experience that combines 3-D cinematography, digital graphics, and live-action stunts.

The motorcycle in the attraction is a custom-built Harley Davidson "Fat Boy".

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