Hi! My name’s Alicia and I have been visiting the Orlando theme parks since I was 3 years old. In fact my first memory is of the blue hippopotamus on the It’s a Small World ride! My first real job in high school was at the Magic Kingdom as a Jungle Cruise skipper. Not only was it an incredible honor to work at an attraction with such a rich history as that, but I absolutely loved learning all about the behind the scenes inner-workings of the park. Being able to walk through the tunnels under Cinderella Castle each day, called the utilidor, was especially magical for me.

After high school I moved a little farther down the street and started a new job at another theme park, this time at Universal Studios Florida. And my new job? That’s right, a skipper for the JAWS attraction. I don’t know what it was back then, but apparently I had a knack for pretending to steer boats on tracks and pointing at robot animals. Again, it was incredible seeing how everything works at this park as well. I wanted to learn as much as I could about every attraction. Whenever possible I would pick up shifts at different rides or shows, to learn about them as well.

Skip ahead a few years (or a decade or two) to today. I like to write about theme parks and I visit at least two parks a week, every week. I love all the changes and incredible new attractions, lands, and even entirely new parks, that have been built in recent years. For many years I wrote about the parks on my personal blog and as a contributing author for other websites. In early 2017 I started my own site, Orlando ParkStop, where I could begin to move my focus more towards sharing my insight on the parks with others who might be planning vacations or are interested in learning about small details from their favorite parks.

The history of theme parks has always been important to me. How can you know where you are going unless you understand where you have been? I’m fascinated by theme park renovations, new rides being built on top of older attractions, and the overall process of how to expand a theme park, transforming something old into something entirely new and unique.

It is with this knowledge of theme park history, park operations, and personal experience that I’m now offering private theme park tours to the public. Let me share with you my enthusiasm for the parks as well and my dedication to helping others get the most out of their park visits.

My theme park articles, videos, and photographs have been cited by many publications, websites, and television programs including Orlando Weekly, Slash Film, Entertainment Weekly, and The Today Show. I’m also a regular contributor to Best of Orlando.

About Private Theme Park Tours

Get the most out of your day at the major Orlando theme parks of Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World! With a park expert at your side, navigating the parks is a breeze. You can get on the rides with little to no wait. We’ll do the heavy lifting when it comes to planning your day at the parks so all you have to worry about is relaxing and enjoying yourself!

Enjoy the freedom of not having to worry all day! We’ll worry about making it to the show on time. We’ll take care of planning the best route through the park. And we’ll show you secrets and tricks that not everyone knows about to ensure you get on all the rides you want, with little to no wait!

Your journey will include insight from your highly knowledgeable tour guide throughout the day. Not only are we going to ensure you get to do everything you want, but your guide will also share their knowledge of the park’s history, interesting facts, behind-the-scenes information, and park tips and tricks.

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Orlando ParkStop and Alicia Stella are not affiliated with Universal Studios, Walt Disney World, or any other theme park company.