Private Theme Park Tours make visiting the parks fun and carefree!

Get the most out of your day at the major Orlando theme parks of Universal Orlando and Walt Disney World! With a park expert at your side, navigating the parks is a breeze. You can get on the rides with little to no wait. We’ll do the heavy lifting when it comes to planning your day at the parks so all you have to worry about is relaxing and enjoying yourself!

Spend the Day as VIPs!

Enjoy the freedom of not having to worry all day! We’ll worry about making it to the show on time. We’ll take care of planning the best route through the park. And we’ll show you secrets and tricks that not everyone knows about to ensure you get on all the rides you want, with little to no wait!

Best of all is your day will be tailored to your specific tastes! We’ll listen to your group’s likes and dislikes and plan the best possible experiences based on what you want to do. We can even start planning your trip before you arrive, but are completely open to changing plans on a whim depending on how you feel the day of. Your guide is here to serve you and your family or group. We want you to have the best experience possible at the parks.

How Does it Work?

Your carefree day at the parks is as easy as one, two, three!

1. Reserve the date(s) you’d like to visit the Orlando parks.

2. We’ll communicate with you about your group’s tastes and priorities.

3. A tour guide will meet you at the park the morning of, and you’ll have a fantastic day doing everything you want to, without any of the stress!

Some of the Benefits

There’s lots of reasons to reserve your own private theme park tour, but here’s just a few.

• Your day will be tailored to your interests, tastes, and personal requests!

• We’ll work with you to suggest the best days of the week for each park you want to visit. We can even help you reserve a table at the best restaurants for your group on those days.

• Even though we’ll create an itinerary for your day at the park(s), we’re completely open to changing anything on the fly depending on the mood of your group the day of.

• We’ll work to avoid crowds and lines for the attractions you want to experience most. Your day will be planned with avoiding lines in mind. We know where most people will not be at a given time each day, so we know how to work around the crowds!

• We’ll make suggestions on attractions based on not only your personal taste, but also acceptable thrill level, attraction quality, and availability. If one or more in your party isn’t up to do a certain ride we’re always ready to offer an alternative experience for them while the others enjoy it.

• Your journey will include insight from your highly knowledgeable tour guide throughout the day. Not only are we going to ensure you get to do everything you want, but your guide will also share their knowledge of the park’s history, interesting facts, behind-the-scenes information, and park tips and tricks.

• Your tour will be a complete customized experience! Our goal is to do whatever it takes to ensure you have the best time at the parks that you possibly can!

Your Vacation is Whatever You Want!

Everyone is different. We understand that, so your day will be tailored to whatever you like doing. If this is your first trip to a park, we’ll be sure to explore the best attractions and see all the sights. If you’ve been before, we’re not afraid to show off some of the less explored areas, and maybe even some of the secret places no one knows about. It’s all up to you.

If you love thrill rides, we know all the best ones, and what time of day will have the shortest lines! If your group wants to see all the shows, we know all the best seats in the house! You’ll be having so much fun, you’ll never need to worry about looking at wait times or reading a park map all day. We even know the best places for a delicious snack and the best places to eat!

Some groups love exploring the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando. If you’re a fan of the boy wizard’s books or movies we can take you on the ultimate Potter adventure. From picking out a wand at Ollivanders, creating an account at Gringotts Bank, exploring all the hidden aspects of Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade, to traveling on the Hogwart’s Express, you’ll feel like you’ve left the muggle world behind for good!

Many groups love to take a trip back in time and explore the classic attractions of Walt Disney! At Magic Kingdom you’ll find the world famous Jungle Cruise, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Haunted Mansion, It’s a Small World, Carousel of Progress, and so much more! Not only can we help you navigate the park to maximize your time, but your guide will share with you the history of these revolutionary classic attractions, from Walt’s vision to their execution, and even the changes made through the years. Learn the secrets of how rides work, and other behind-scenes aspects of the inter-workings of the most popular theme park in the world!

No matter which park, (or parks,) you want to visit, and what types of experiences you prefer, we’re ready to show you the best time of all time. You can see and learn all about the animals from around the world at Animal Kingdom, explore all of the Future World and World Showcase pavilions of Epcot. We know all the best kept secrets for Disney’s Hollywood Studios. And we can get you on the newest and best attractions at Universal without any fuss. You’ll be bragging to all your friends back home about how much you were able to do and see on your trip! And of course, we could also take it slow, and stop to smell the flowers. We know all the quiet parts of the parks and all of the relaxing things to do. It’s all up to you!

More Information

Our tours are designed for families or groups of 2 to 9 people. (If you have more than 9 people, please contact us to check our availability as we may not be able to accommodate your tour depending on the time of year.)

We are not a Travel Agency, so we will not be able to reserve hotel rooms or purchase park tickets for you. When you contact us to reserve your tours we can suggest the best times to visit, what types of tickets you should get and where to purchase them. If you’re interested, we can refer you to a trusted travel agent to ensure you receive the best package possible for your vacation.

Our tour guides meet you at the park entrance the day of your visit at that park. Our tour guides require at least 6-hours per day. See our Pricing Information for more details. You can visit more than one park per day (as long as your tickets allow it.) This is up to you and your goals for the day. We are of course open to touring with you at the parks every day that you want to visit them.

Contact Us to start your tour reservation or check out our FAQ Section for more information!

Orlando ParkStop and Alicia Stella are not affiliated with Universal Studios, Walt Disney World, or any other theme park company.