Can’t imagine navigating the parks any other way

My family and I went to universal and Epcot with Alicia as our personal guide. I can’t imagine navigating the parks any other way. She was knowledgeable, personable and funny. From making sure we had purchased the correct type of tickets beforehand to guiding us through the parks while avoiding crowds and lines. She made sure everyone was comfortable with each attraction we went on (I sat out a few of the larger roller coasters) and with her guidance I was able to stay busy while waiting for my family. Above all I was impressed at the wealth of knowledge she has about all the parks. From the secrets most people don’t know about to the history of each and every aspect of the parks. Thank you Alicia for an amazing experience and I am looking forward to my next visit. I will definitely call on you again to guide us through whichever park we decide to visit next time.

Renee G.
Dayville, CT

Made navigating the parks as easy as navigating my own neighborhood

I just wanted to take a few minutes to write a review on how awesome Alicia was as she guided me and my family around both, Disney and Universal Studios. She made navigating the parks as easy as navigating my own neighborhood. She knew exactly which rides to ride and what time of day to ride each ride. It was incredible how much knowledge she has on all the parks. She even had several inside tips on how to get special tours of certain rides which often ended with cutting the line! It was amazing. She knew which bathrooms were the cleanest and what places to eat had the best food. Neither was ever a let down. There is no doubt we wouldn’t have seen half the things we saw if we didn’t have Alicia to help us navigate our way through the parks. I can’t say enough how easy and stress free she made the days.


Alicia made my family trip to Universal a delight and overall stress-free

Alicia made my family trip to Universal a delight and overall stress-free. I had purchased tickets for Universal with the sole purpose of showing my boyfriend Harry Potter World. (He’s a huge fan) Alicia was so knowledgeable and went in detail about everything in the park, and I know my boyfriend really enjoyed her love and passion for Harry Potter. She even knew how much time was between the fire blowing dragon at Gringotts so we were able to take our picture exactly when the dragon breathed fire!

I was extremely impressed with how much knowledge she brought to our tour, she not only saved us time but money as well. Showing us where to eat, what the prices are and how long of a wait to expect. She even knew the shortest lines and cleanest bathrooms to use. I can say with confidence that Alicia made the experience with my family one we will never forget. She even took us on secret tours, knew tricks to wait less in lines, and got us interesting background info of the rides as well.

Providence, RI
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