Ben & Jerry’s

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New York
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Ice Cream, Milkshakes, & Beverages
Dining Plan Accepted (Snacks)
Vermont's famous ice cream makers have set up shop right inside Universal Studios to offer a delicious distraction. This popular parlor serves up Ben & Jerry's indulgent ice cream in waffle cones, sundaes, and shakes, plus refreshing sorbet smoothies. Whether you're a classic chocolate fan or crave Phish Food, you’ll be living the Americone Dream with all of their tasty treats.

Hours for this location may vary depending on time of year.

Sample Menu:
Small Cup or Cone: $5.59
Large Cup or Cone: $6.59
Large Shake: $6.99
Large Smoothie: $6.99
Hot Fudge Sundae: $6.29
Brownie Special : $6.79
Banana Split Sundae: $8.59
Food Window
Under $14.99
Dining Plan

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