Curious George Goes To Town

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This unique playground offers a variety of activities for children of all ages including fun ways to get wet and a room where kids can shoot foam balls from air guns!

Someone's let all the circus animals out of their trailer and turned the whole town upside down. What has that mischievous monkey gotten himself into this time? We're talking about Curious George of course, and you can join him on his adventures. Follow George's footsteps as a series of colorful storybooks highlight the pathways and add to the charm that is the Curious George book series.

This playground offers something for kids of all ages. Curious little ones can explore the colorful Animal Show tent with plenty of play activities for toddlers. Enter the town's cartoonish buildings and grab a pump, valve, hose or lever to spray (or drench) your friends with water. And head to the Man in the Big Yellow Hat's Ball Factory where you can throw, blast and launch thousands of soft foam balls at family and friends – and anyone else within reach.

Helpful Tip:
Bring your kids' bathing suits for most of this play area. For families that want to avoid getting wet, follow signs on the left-side of the area to the "Ball Factory" where you can play without getting drenched!

As with other attractions in the KidZone area, this area usually opens an hour after the park during slower seasons. It will open with the park during peak times. Plan your day accordingly and see park map for hours.
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Fun Facts:
Take aim with your water cannon at the town center's clock tower and fill a pair of 500-gallon buckets that periodically dump water in a spectacular splash on the street below.

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