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Grab an icy cold glass of Homer’s favorite drink and relax in the Duff Brewery beer garden. This open-air bar provides lotsa seating and waterfront tables with umbrellas, making it the perfect place to sip some suds and watch popular clips of The Simpsons. You’ll be surrounded by topiaries of the beloved Seven Duffs: Tipsy, Queasy, Surly, Sleazy, Edgy, Dizzy, and Remorseful. Become the eighth Duff and pose for a picture with the giant statue of Duffman himself. “Oh Yeah!”

Sample Menu:
Caprese Salad: $10.49
Turkey Wrap: $9.49
Fruit Plate : $7.29
Squishee: $4.99
Buzz Cola: $3.99
Duff Beer: $8.49
Duff Draft Pilsner: $12.25
Duff Draft Stein: $10.49

Helpful Tip:
The three different types of Duff are Duff Beer, which tastes similar to Yuengling, Duff Lite which is like Bud Light, and Duff Dry which is a dark stout beer.
Bar and Drinks
Under $14.99

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