Kala & Tai Nui Serpentine Body Slides

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The Volcano
At least 48" to ride, Weight not to exceed 270 lbs
Access Info:
Express Pass Available
Join Kala and Tai Nui where sea and sky meet and take a leap of faith from high atop the volcano. Twin drop doors simultaneously plunge two guests down clear, intertwining tubes before sending them joyfully splashing into the turquoise waters below.

This attraction features high speed free-fall slides that begin in an enclosed capsule with a trap door while riders twist through a tube into a pool 125 feet below.

Helpful Tip:
There are some specific rules for this attraction: In addition to a minimum height requirement of 48 inches, this attraction also has a maximum weight limit of 270 pounds. No t-shirts, lifejackets, or footwear can be worn. Also, there's no attire allowed with buckles or any sharp adornments that could damage the slide, including jewelry.
At least 48"
Water Ride
Best for Teens

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