Orlando ParkStop was created in January 2017 by Alicia Stella to explore news and rumors for the Orlando theme parks and beyond. It is a continuation and expansion of her theme park blog, started several years earlier.

Check out our News section for theme park news, rumors, event coverage, and park updates! To explore all of the current projects we’re covering, see the Topics section. Visit our YouTube Channel for visual versions of our stories. Explore our ParkStop Podcast for deeper dives into the new theme park projects we are following. And join our Community to discuss topics with other theme park fans from around the world!

About Alicia Stella

Alicia Stella has been covering new attractions since 2015, both on this website and the Theme Park Stop YouTube Channel. She is also a contributor to the The Unofficial Guide to Universal Orlando. Her work has been cited by The New York Times, USA Today, CNN, The Today Show, and more. She specializes in reporting on new attraction development, and always looks forward to upcoming changes coming to the Orlando theme parks. Follow Alicia on Social Media. Contact Alicia by email.

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