Donating your time and talents as an artist is one of the most important and unique aspects of our annual fundraiser event. As an artist you will not be required to spend any of your own money; only your talent and time is donated!

Contact Us if you’re interested in submitting a piece for this year’s event after reading through our FAQs below. Note: Space is limited for 2024’s event and not all submissions will be accepted.

Art Examples from Prior Years

Artist Frequently Asked Questions

What does this fundraiser benefit?

All profits from art sales are given to The Trevor Project, the leading suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ+ young people. The event runs from June 1st to June 30th in 2024.

What am I contributing?

You are donating your time and talents. We are not asking you to cover costs.

How does it work?

Create a piece of art, (or select an existing piece you’ve previously created,) to be sold as a print benefiting the fundraiser. Print sales are set up as a presale, so no need to print them until after monies are received. After fundraiser concludes (June 30) or when all print quantities are sold out, whichever comes first, you will be given necessary funds to have them printed, and you will be responsible for shipping to each of the buyers (U.S. Shipping Only). See breakdown below for more details.

When is the deadline?

All art designs and information must be submitted by May 20, 2024.

What type of artwork are you looking for?

See the gallery at the top of this page for examples of past submissions. We prefer fan art pieces that are related to the theme park fandom, or other Disney/Universal properties, as that is our core audience. Completely original works not incorporating an IP are also accepted. Your original art can be created in any medium as long as the final version is digital so it can be duplicated as prints to be shipped to buyers. Art can be created in digital format from the start (most common,) or the original can be created by hand using paint, pencil, ink, etc., and then scanned to create a high quality digital version.

Who does the printing?

Most artists have a preferred printing company they utilize to have prints made. This may be a local printer or a company you order through online. You could also print your pieces yourself, if that is something you’ve done before and have the technical means to do.

What if I’ve never had my own prints made before?

We suggest using CatPrint online if you’re unfamiliar with having prints made. It is easy to upload your digital artwork file, select a size and paper type, and other options. They are reasonably priced and have a quick turnaround.

How many prints should I offer?

It is up to you to set the maximum number of prints you’d like to be sold. Artists usually limit their runs anywhere from 10 to 50 prints. Keep in mind that you will be responsible for mailing them out to each of the buyers once the event concludes, so offer what you are willing to take the time to send out. Other considerations may include your preferred printer’s minimum order restrictions or bulk pricing discounts.

What size print are you looking for?

Artists can choose whatever print size they prefer for their art piece, which can range from postcard size all the way to full poster print size. 8.5” x 11” is a common print size, for example.

What type of paper?

You may select whatever type you believe will benefit your print, from matte, glossy, pearl, holographic, or just plain paper, it is up to you. Be sure to include any paper type fees when describing your costs, see below.

When do I order the prints?

After your prints sell out during our event’s art presale in June, or after June 30th when the event ends, whichever comes first, you will be sent the funds necessary to have your prints made. Please order them as quickly as possible once funds are received. Have them shipped to your address (unless they are produced by a company that prints on demand and drop ships directly to individuals).

How are the art prints shipped to buyers?

You will be responsible for shipping the prints after you have them printed. A list of addresses for all buyers will be sent at the conclusion of our event, as well as funds necessary for shipping to all recipients. (This event is currently limited to U.S. shipping addresses only.) We try and have all art shipped within 6 to 8 weeks of the event’s conclusion, but we understand that due to prints sometimes taking longer or other circumstances that may not always be possible. See packaging info and tips below for more information.

Pricing Tips

We can work with you to select a price to charge for your art, and shipping, that is appropriate for the value of the piece, while also covering necessary costs and leaving enough leftover to donate to The Trevor Project. When calculating shipping costs, keep in mind how much your mailers or packing materials will cost per unit, as well as USPS shipping rates. Our usual shipping costs are $6 to $10 each, which includes at least a dollar or more for each mailer and $5 or more to ship as a “package.” (In most cases you will not be able to ship item as a “letter,” as it can be bent.) See more shipping info below.

Shipping Tips

Please use sturdy envelopes when possible (or mailer tubes for rolled posters/larger prints). You may consider also including a piece of cardboard with your print to help prevent bending. Note that adding a label asking the postal service not to bend the package is not sufficient as we had several damaged art pieces during last year’s event, so sturdy packaging is encouraged. See the envelope and supply examples below for relatively inexpensive options for mailers.

Use both a sturdy envelope and cardboard insert for maximum protection.

Tip: Always ship your items as “packages,” and never as a regular “letter” to prevent machines bending your art. This usually means your art will cost $5+ to ship using USPS.

Contact Us by email with any additional questions, (or message Alicia Stella on Twitter):