You can look through our Frequently Asked Questions below or Contact Us if you’re not able to locate what you’re looking for. You can also call 407-279-1003 for more information.

Can you help us skip all the lines?

No, we cannot offer front of the line access to rides, but we can create an itinerary that will maximize your time. We know what times of day every attraction will have the shortest wait and can plan accordingly. The attractions you want to see most will receive extra consideration when planning so you’ll do as little waiting in lines as possible.

What is the process like leading up to our tour?

In the months or weeks leading up to your trip we will go over several details (through email or over the phone) including what you hope to get out of your visits to the parks, the types of attractions your group prefers, and we will go over meals and discuss whether dining reservations need to be made. We can suggest the best places to eat based on your likes and your other goals for the day.

How long do people usually hire a guide for each day?

To get the most out of your day your guide can stick with your group for the entire day’s visit to the park. (We do require a minimum of 6 paid hours per day.) Your day at the park may be around 8-12 hours total.

Where do we meet our guide?

Your guide will meet you at the park in the morning, usually near the turnstiles.

Do we have to follow an itinerary the entire time?

Of course not! It’s your trip so we can change plans on the fly to do whatever you feel like doing the day of. There’s more to our guide service than just planning the day. We also offer our knowledge of the parks to help you get the most out of your visit. We’ll share our tips with you, as well as a little bit of trivia and park history in the process.

What’s an example of a tour for the day?

You meet your guide at the time of park opening. They’ll go over a few points and double-check some details to make sure everyone’s on the same page. You’ll probably head to some of the more important attractions on your to-do list, all the while offering little tidbits of knowledge and pointing out obscure hidden details along the way. Your guide will offer snack suggestions, places to rest (and even the best bathrooms in the area.) And then it’s off to enjoy some smaller (more relaxing) rides or a show before lunch. Depending on your plans, your lunch may be reserved at someplace you’ve discussed prior or chosen the day of. Your guide can join your group during the meal to help plan the next part of the day, or eat separately. That’s up to you. Next, your guide might show you some areas and tricks off the beaten path followed by some more attractions on your must-do list. Your guide is always ready to change plans on the fly. They’ll know the best places to sit for each show and exactly what time to get in line for each ride. Your day is whatever you want it to be. If this is your last day of tours your guide can accept payment after all the fun has come to an end. If not, you can plan the meeting spot for tomorrow and start all over again!

What about themed tours? What if we really like Harry Potter?

Some groups love exploring the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando. If you’re a fan of the boy wizard’s books or movies we can take you on the ultimate Potter adventure. From picking out a wand at Ollivanders, creating an account at Gringotts Bank, exploring all the hidden aspects of Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade, to traveling on the Hogwarts Express, you’ll feel like you’ve left the muggle world behind for good! Plus, we can point out actual props and sets used in the filming of the movies and impart our knowledge of how the Wizarding World was built. You can see more examples of special tours tailored to different interests, including thrill seekers, classic Walt Disney attractions, and more on our Private Tours page.

Can we visit more than one park a day; park-hop?

Yes! Depending on what you hope to get out of your day we can suggest the best times and methods of traveling between parks. Your guide will either travel with you – or meet you at the next destination. (Any travel time will count towards your tour guide’s total hours.)

Do you also offer tours of SeaWorld Orlando?

We can take your family or group on a private tour at SeaWorld Orlando, but only if your group is also scheduling a Disney or Universal tour. We do not offer all of the same guarantees at SeaWorld that we offer at the other parks, but are still willing to continue helping guide your group on your vacation. You can Contact Us for more details on SeaWorld tours.

Can you help us book travel accommodations or hotel rooms?

No, we are not a travel agent. We do know some very reliable and highly qualified travel planners if you’re interested, and we can refer you if you like.

Is gratuity required? Is it included in pricing?

Gratuity is not included but you’re welcome to add any percentage of tip to your final payment at the conclusion of your tours as a way of saying “thank you” to your guide. The standard gratuity is 20%, but is not required.

What forms of payment are accepted and when is payment due?

We can accept any credit, debit, or pre-paid card with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover logo on it. Your total payment will be charged in person at the end of your final day of tours using a Square mobile card reader. We can also accept a personal or business check, traveler’s check, or cash. See our Pricing Information for more details.

Can we cancel our Tour? Can it be rescheduled?

Your tours can be canceled, and usually rescheduled, as long as you give us more than 24 hour notice. If you cancel within 24 hours of a scheduled tour date there will be a one-time $90 fee. (This fee may be waived in certain circumstances.)

Contact Us to start your tour reservation or for any other questions not answered here. You may also call 407-279-1003 for more information.

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