Announcing Our New YouTube Channel Name: Theme Park Stop

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For those of you that followed my blog before I created this website, you know that I have been posting theme park videos on my YouTube page for years. I recently hit 10,000 subscribers to my channel and have decided to re-brand it to “Theme Park Stop” as part of an effort to branch out into covering even more theme parks and topics on the channel. (The channel’s original name was simply “Alicia Stella.”)

This will not have any effect on this website, which will remain Orlando ParkStop, and will continue to focus mainly on articles geared toward the Orlando parks. I wanted to select a name that was similar for my YouTube channel, but a little more broad.

Under the new channel name I hope to expand my theme park videos to include news and rumors from parks around the world, as well as discuss the history of how rides were created in all sorts of theme parks. With the help of the channel’s new Patreon page I will allow my patrons to select new topics to cover, as well as use funds raised to increase production quality and video output.

In addition to the channel name change, there is a new Facebook Group for theme park fans to discuss what they love about the parks as well as share news and rumors themselves! You can join the new Facebook Group here, and please invite your friends to this new community.

If you like the content I have been producing lately–including the rumor videos, hidden things, and theme park facts–please consider supporting the channel on Patreon. Perks for being a patron include exclusive video content, behind the scenes posts, early rumors, producer credit in videos, and more!

Thank you to everyone that has supported the channel and this website. I appreciate every bit of support, shares, and likes throughout the years. You all mean the world to me! If you haven’t yet, please subscribe to the YouTube channel here!

That’s all for now! More theme park news and updates coming soon. Be sure to subscribe to the news feed or enter your email below to never miss an update.

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