10 Easter Eggs at Jurassic World VelociCoaster

The Jurassic World VelociCoaster is the newest attraction at Universal Orlando, bringing another highly-themed, world class roller coaster to the Islands of Adventure theme park. You can tell the team that designed this attraction really appreciates the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World films, with their incredible attention to detail around every turn.

Let’s explore the Easter eggs of Jurassic World VelociCoaster. Be sure to check out the video version of this article for additional visuals!

1. Dueling Raptors

Before you even get to the ride’s entrance, you’re welcomed by two raptor statues beside the path. Sitting in their imposing positions, some have noticed that these dinosaurs are posed similarly as the dragon statues that were at the entrance to the former Dueling Dragons roller coaster.

Former Dueling Dragons attraction entrance, Source: Wikipedia

Before being rebranded to Dragon Challenge when Harry Potter moved in, and then removed completely for the Hagrid ride, the dueling roller coaster was guarded by two dragons in an eternal fight. And now these raptors are posed the same way as a tribute.

2. Dangerous Speeds

One of the most well-hidden Easter eggs at the VelociCoaster can be found in the hallway with windows that look into the ride’s second launch. After the train passes, one of six random velociraptor animation sequences will play on the windows. Located on one of the window sills, you can spot a clipboard along with a radar gun.

Looking closer, you might notice permanent ripples in the little cup of water sitting by it, a nod to the original Jurassic Park film. Reading the notes on the clipboard, it looks like they’ve been tracking the speeds of the raptor runs, with one note saying they’ll “need to increase the speed of the coaster soon” if this keeps up!

3. Dinosaurs, By the Book

One of the easiest Easter eggs to find are the books inside the next room of the queue. There’s a copy of Ian Malcolm’s latest book, “How the World Will End,” which is expected to make an appearance in the upcoming Jurassic World Dominion film. A book on paleobotany by Ellie Sattler can be seen on the shelf below it.

A copy of Alan Grant’s book, Dinosaur Detectives can also be found here. Unlike the copy of his book on display in the nearby DinoStore, this one allows us to read the back cover. Since this book’s cover design was created for a movie prop in the first film, and not something that was expected to be seen up close, the blurb on the back is written somewhat humorously, explaining that Dr. Grant “holds a bunch of degrees from obscure schools most folks have never heard of,” and that he “writes a lot of really good articles.”

4. Raptors Grow Up So Fast

Baby raptors scene from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, Universal Pictures

Later in the queue Owen explains that he’s been working with the raptors since they were the size of house cats, and in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom we see footage of this. Owen was testing the young raptors’ responses to seeing him act weak, and luckily he was using guards on his arms during these tests, because all but Blue ended up attacking him when he let his guard down.

You can see the leather guards here in the VelociCoaster queue, along with several of the enrichment toys the little raptors had in their pen. I’m sure that football has seen better days.

5. Do Not Overfeed

In the next room of the queue you come face to face with two of the four velociraptors from Jurassic World. Echo is on the left and Delta is on the right. These animatronics use pneumatic air effects, and you can even feel them breathing when they snort.

Since it’s dark in the area, you might miss the jar of Velociraptor Incentive Treats sitting on the middle shelf before you enter the stables. These treats are approved for all four of the raptors, but the special instructions say “DO NOT OVERFEED.” They want to make sure they’re good and hungry for your raptor run.

6. The Real Raptor on Property

Before the stables you can find a monitor on the wall displaying the coaster layout. In between the video loop it quickly displays different animals InGen has researching while designing the coaster vehicle’s safety measures. One of the animals shown is an osprey.

Osprey sitting atop the 155-foot top hat, Photo: @bioreconstruct

If you’ve been following construction for VelociCoaster, you may remember when I spotted a real osprey making a home on the top hat shortly after it was installed. In the months that followed we watched as she made herself at home on this 155-foot tall perch.

Osprey on her new perch now that the ride has opened, Photo: @bioreconstruct

Universal attempted to keep her away by putting down some plastic wrap, forgetting that ospreys are real-life raptors and have talons that can easily shred it. Eventually, she was given her own forever home with a new perch behind the park, just in time for the ride to open. Now the VelociCoaster osprey will forever be memorialized in this looping video in the queue.

7. A Moment in Time

You’ll find attraction posters along the locker area, including one for the VelociCoaster itself. There are posters you would expect to see if you were visiting the real Jurassic World, like for Gyrosphere Valley, T-Rex Kingdom, and the Mosasaurus show.

You can also find a couple posters for attractions that exist at Islands of Adventure, but modified to make them appear more fitting for Jurassic World.

And finally, there are two posters for attractions that are labeled as “Coming Soon.” That’s because the ride takes place shortly before the Indominus rex, the park’s next big attraction, would escape its pen and wreak havoc on the park. It’s during this time that Camp Cretaceous is preparing to welcome its first VIP guests as well, which is why the poster says “Coming Soon.”

8. Preshow Easter Eggs

In the final room before load we’re treated to a video presentation featuring Claire and Owen, which dynamically changes from day to night depending on the time of day you’re watching.

Raptor Encounter Team Member group photo, Video Source

In the control room behind Claire you can spot a Team Member group photo in the original Raptor Encounter. That attraction was relocated to make way for the VelociCoaster.

Universal Creative members as ACU workers in preshow, Video Source

Two of the ACU members in the background behind Owen are played by the Universal Creative members behind the ride, show producer Shelby Honea and art director Gregory Hall. You can even see their names on the mini-map on the top-right of the screen.

Waiver hanging on wall near preshow, Photo: The Unofficial Guides/Seth Kubersky

At one point Owen says that we should have to sign a waiver before riding. You can actually spot this waiver up ahead on the wall. It’s hanging up next to the ACU equipment, including zappers, net guns, and a dino tracker like the one the Indominus takes out in the film.

9. Eggs and Eggshells

Once you’re actually on the ride, there’s one Easter egg that’s literally eggs. There are what look like dinosaur eggs hiding at the very top of the rockwork in the raptor paddock area, and the best way to get a good view of them is by riding the ride itself.

Extreme close-up of eggs on the ride, Photo: @bioreconstruct

Look down at the rocks during the first inversion right after the ride starts. If you look REALLY closely you can kind of spot one of the eggs from the ground, as well as some broken eggshells. Team Members will tell you that these are not raptor eggs though, but may in fact be Pteranodon eggs, which would explain why they’re so high up. In any case, it looks like Malcolm was right and “life, uh, finds a way.”

10. Dino Chow

Location of Dino Chow bag on the ride, Video Source

The next Easter egg can be found right as you come down from the second inversion. If you’re riding on the right you’ll have a better chance of seeing it, but there’s a bag of “Dino Chow” sitting under the track here.

Dino Chow bag for sale in Prop Shop back in 2018

This matches the “Enriched Dino Chow” bags that were on display when this area was originally home to the Triceratops Encounter. That defunct walk-through attraction would let you get close to a living, breathing Triceratops, but it closed many years before the coaster was built. When they were cleaning out the old barns they actually had one of these Dino Chow bags for sale at the prop shop, but it’s great to see this little nod to the former attraction on the coaster.

And one more fun little touch, you actually see the four raptors on the ride in alphabetical order: Blue, Charlie, Delta, and Echo!

That’s all for now, What are some of your favorite Easter eggs, or what is the best part of the ride in your opinion? Let us know in the comments, and click here to see more hidden things around the parks!

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