Animal Kingdom Update: Avatar Land Construction, Kali River Rapids Refurb, Monkeys and More

Lots more trees and plants have been added since my last visit to check out Pandora: The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It’s beginning to get more difficult to see into the area with all of the new plants and trees being planted, but that’s a good thing for full immersion in the new land once it’s open. Just one more sign that we’re getting closer to the opening! I got video and photos of the bridge leading into Pandora for the first time this update. I was excited to see a flock of Imagineers surveying the area while I was there too.

Kali River Rapids is closed for its annual refurbishment and is scheduled to re-open sometime in the Spring. The water has been drained from the ride as part of this rehab. I saw workers touching up painted designs on the load platform using stencils while I was there. The new monkey enclosure at Maharajah Jungle Trek is now open featuring lion-tailed macaques. And I took some video of the Rivers of Light stadium seating, effects, projectors and boats since I hadn’t gotten a good look at it yet myself. Watch the video and check out the photo update below for more details!

Photo Update

Welcome to Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

The view of Pandora from the parking lot is changing as new trees are added

All those trees on the right are newly added to the berm behind Pandora

More new trees and plants being added to the berm

Wide view of back of Pandora as seen from bus area

Backside of building facade

Tiny floating mountains on top of show building

One last look at hidden mountains behind trees

Side view of work area, as seen from Rainforest Cafe outside bar

Construction workers safety sign

View of floating mountains from Rainforest Cafe

Looking underneath the mountains

View from park turnstiles

Detailed view

Looking at the entrance to Pandora, inside the park near Tiffins

Easy access door added to work walls since my last visit

Crazy big weird plant inside Pandora

Bridge to Pandora, as seen from Nomad Lounge

I like the look of the bridge

Made to look like nature reclaiming the land after the humans left Pandora

Lanterns seen near inner work walls on bridge

Closer view of a lantern

One last look at the entire bridge before we move on

This big ‘ol lizard made of rocks is nearby on the bank across from Nomad Lounge

Never noticed this crazy looking rat statue in front of Pizzafari before. I love it.

Moving on to other areas of the park

Kali River Rapids closed for annual refurbishment

Walls up over Kali entrance

Ride has been drained for rehab (right of image)

Ride load area drained

Load platform designs being repainted

You can see them using large stencils on left side of photo

New lion-tailed macaque monkey exhibit added to Maharajah Trail

Happy lion-tailed macaques

New rockwork around exhibit

This monkey is looking into your soul

Tiger taking a stroll

Looking at the completed Rivers of Light stadium seating area

Boat that will be used during the new nighttime show when it begins

Light/projector-y things across the water near Flame Tree Barbecue

More boats and light/projector things

Seating located in front of Finding Nemo theater

Lights and show lighting at top of stadium seating area

Closer view of show lighting

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