Animal Kingdom Update: Avatar Land Construction, Lemurs, Rivers of Light Merchandise and More

Pandora: The World of Avatar is very close to opening to the public with only small details to be completed, and we’re taking our last look before the big reveal! The berm with lots and lots of trees and plants is coming along nicely behind Pandora, blocking much of the area from view of guests arriving by bus. And speaking of buses, a new bus station is being constructed just behind that berm, the third row of stations for Animal Kingdom. Expect it to be ready by the official opening of Pandora, May 27, 2017! And speaking of the opening, be sure to stay tuned to Orlando ParkStop early next month as we’ll have our complete coverage of Pandora, including a closer look inside the area, the rides, and reviews of the exotic food and drink offerings!

Also going on in the park right now, It’s Tough to be a Bug will be closed later this month, from April 23rd to 29th, for refurbishment. There’s lots of animals too look at around the Tree of Life as all of the animal paths are now open. On most days you’ll be able to see lemurs, cranes, kangaroos and lots more! And finally, we’re taking a look at some of the new merchandise for the Rivers of Light show, now happening nightly. Some of the new items actually light up and even change colors, synchronized with the show! Check out the video as well as the full photo report below and stay tuned for our Pandora full coverage coming soon!

Photo Update

Welcome to Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

Animals of today

Animals of the past

Animals that never were

Hoping they don’t replace the dragon with a banshee after Pandora opens

New bird feeders have been installed between bus drop-off and tram road

They’re the same as the Purple Martin bird houses at this year’s Epcot Flower and Garden Festival

It’s a beautiful day at the Kingdom of Animals

It’s Tough to be a Bug show will be closed April 23-29 for refurbishment

No word yet if any changes will be made, or will just be general upkeep

Adorable ball of lemur

Lemur on the move

Thirsty lemur, it is a hot day

The cutest thing you’ll see all day

No thank you, I do not like to “move it, move it”

Taking one last look at Avatar construction before we visit the land in person next month!

Floating mountains hiding in the distance

Be sure to stick with us for our full Pandora coverage starting early next month when these walls come down

View of the weird big plant over the wall

A sneak peak into the area

A look at the bridge to Pandora

The work walls have gone from wood to fabric wraps

Old work walls 2 months ago

New work walls inside

Lanterns seen while entering the area

Folding chairs were seen on the bridge while I was there

Just noticed the RDA logos all over this bridge. The RDA was the “Resources Development Administration” in Avatar, the corporation in charge of all natural resource mining on off-Earth locations, including Pandora. In the new land, the story is that the RDA left many years ago, which is why this bridge, and other RDA infrastructure, appear in disarray after being reclaimed by nature.

One last full look at the bridge before moving on

Closer look at the themed walls blocking the entrance to Pandora

It is going to look incredible when you enter

The view near the park entrance turnstiles

Little mountains “floating” in the distance

This big floating mountain has the waterfall

And if you look really really close you can see the water flowing off the mountain

One last look from the park entrance

This is the view from behind the Rainforest Cafe

Here we can see under the floating mountains

A look under the mountains

A building at the edge of Pandora

Here we can see the theming stop on the building’s backside

Backstage entrance to Pandora near Rainforest Cafe’s outside bar

I still love that this safety sign is themed

Checking out the back of the area as seen from the bus turnaround

Berm is complete and lots of trees and plants have been added

Once these trees fill out a little more it will be even harder to see Pandora from the buses

From some angles you can sneak a peak

Tiny floating mountains on top of show building

Well hidden area as seen from bus dropoff

Backside of the building’s facade

For the most part, just looks like a boring building from this angle

A third bus drop-off being built behind Pandora

Construction on this bus drop-off is going quickly

View of new bus station from the side

View of new bus depot from an existing bus depot

Before we go, lets check out Island Mercantile for a look at the Rivers of Light merchandise

These light up with the show!

Light up toys demo mode

Small themed fans

Light-up animated lanyards

These last two aren’t Rivers of Light, but were so cute I just had to include them!

Stay tuned in early May for our complete coverage of Pandora – The World of Avatar! We will be showing off the entire land, rides, and exotic foods and drinks.

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