Epcot Update: Choza de Margarita Construction, Ride Closings & Rumors, Japan Store Remodel and More

It’s time to check in at our favorite place in the world for drinking, eating and seeing little purple dragons, Epcot! The Flower and Garden Festival has ended and temporary work walls are everywhere while the gardens, topiaries and booths are removed around the park. Rumors are swirling around a possible replacement for Universe of Energy as new permits have been filed for drainage work behind and around the pavilion. My money’s still on a new indoor/outdoor coaster, but I have my doubts that it will involve the Marvel property Guardians of the Galaxy. And speaking of the Guardians, there has been merchandise available at Epcot featuring the lovable saviors of the universe for months, which has only added fuel to the rumors.

Mission: SPACE will be closed for refurbishment until late July. I believe this is being rushed through so they can close Energy shortly after and not have too many rides down simultaneously. Rumors say the green side (no spinning) will be getting its own ride film, but no official announcements have been made. It’s possible this down time is only for general maintenance, but we’ll have to wait and see. Choza de Margarita, the new outdoor margarita stand in Mexico looks like it’s really close to opening! We got a good look at the details of the new booth this update. And finally, the main store in Japan has reopened its front half which was recently remodeled, expanded and had new merchandise added. Watch the video and see the photo report below for complete details and more information on all of these projects!

Photo Update

No more Flower and Garden Festival for the year

Figment topiary made it through two festivals but has finally been removed

Some topiaries are still up, but will be removed over the next few days

Festival blooms have been dug up and area is being re-sodded

Parks and gardens being dismantled and removed

Lots of areas in Epcot covered in temporary work walls

Butterfly garden being removed behind walls

Moving on into The Land pavilion

Circle of Life show temporarily closed for refurbishment

No word on how long it will be closed and if any changes will be made

Moving on to Future World East, walls up while gardens being removed

At least these walls have foliage in front so they look better

Permits have been filed for drainage work behind and around Universe of Energy

Rumors have been flying around that this attraction will close by the end of Summer/Fall

We know for sure that back of house will be extended behind the building and drainage ponds will be rerouted closer to the parking lot

Rumors say an indoor/outdoor coaster is coming

And some parts of a coaster may even be seen in this skyline someday, maybe

Mission: SPACE will be closed for refurbishment until late July

Rumors say it will be mostly a maintenance and general refresh, but also Green side might get its own ride film, differentiating it from the Orange more intense version

Adding fuel to rumors that Guardians of the Galaxy are coming to Epcot, Guardians merchandise has been available at the Mission: SPACE gift shop for awhile now

Currently most of the items are based around the new sequel in theaters

Star-Lord kids costume

Guardians T-Shirts

Dancing baby Groot doll

Love this Groot journal!

Display looks great

Time to check in on Choza de Margarita construction in Mexico

Still no word on when this new Margarita stand will open

Choza roof

Service windows and brickwork looking good

Wonderful Aztec designs at the registers

Should hopefully be opening soon! Check out our sneak peak at the new Margaritas coming

Now on the map! Listed as “Mexico Margarita Bar”

Times Guide says it’s coming soon!

Time to head to Japan!

The main store of Japan recently remodeled its entire front half

Mitsukoshi was the very first “department store” in Japan

Inside the store this side is much more open and cleaner looking now

This side always featured anime, cartoon characters and video game stuff

Nice to see Hello Kitty back after a couple months of this side being closed

Absolutely love this new display!

Pokemon has a much larger devoted area of the store now

Video games and anime stuff

So much merch crammed into this side of the store now!

This next section is an entirely new addition to the store!

Totoro now has a whole lot of space!

New big creepy character body pillows

Kitty pillows

Owl pillow!

Small toys and cute little erasers that look like food

Sad kitty wants to know “Why am I sushi?”

New high-end jewelry case and fancy clocks

This wall near front entrance tells the story of Mitsukoshi, since 1673

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