Epcot Update: Choza de Margarita Construction

While I was enjoying the Flower and Garden Festival for one last time before it goes away this year, I took some photos on the sudden progress of the new refreshment stand that will be (hopefully) opening soon at the Mexico Pavilion in Epcot. It’s been nearly a year now since the old Margarita stand between Mexico and Norway closed, so hopefully they can get this new location up soon!

Originally announced back in January as “Choza Tequila,” the new walk-up window will be called “Choza de Margarita.” When it opens you’ll be able to order refreshing margaritas and classic Mexican cuisine like tacos, empanadas, chips and fresh guacamole. It will be located outside, just to the left of the big pyramid, (which should be easier for guests to find than “La Cava De Tequila” located inside.) It was supposed to open “early 2017” but there wasn’t much progress for months. However, within the last few weeks everything seems to have picked up pace. Hopefully this new window will be open soon and ready for the summer crowds! Check out the photo report below and stay tuned for more theme park updates coming soon!

Construction Update

These walls have been up for nearly half a year now

Hooray, we have a booth!

A closer look at what can be seen over the wall

The view from the back, as seen from the Odyssey bridge

Looking very complete so hopefully it will open soon!

One last look before we leave. Hopefully these walls come down soon!

That’s all for this quick update! Stay tuned for more Epcot updates!

That’s all for this construction update.

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