Epcot Update: Guardians Coaster, Ratatouille, Skyliner, Wonders of Life Repaint, and New Restaurants

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With new rides, restaurants, and more heading to Epcot, it’s amazing how few work walls can be seen around the park. We’re taking a walk around Future World and World Showcase to check in at all of the new projects including steel rising for both the Guardians of the Galaxy indoor roller coaster and the Ratatouille dark ride. Plus, we can see the Disney Skyliner supports have been showing up near the International Gateway park entrance between the France and UK pavilions.

In addition to these massive new rides coming to the park, there’s two new restaurants on their way as well. A space themed restaurant will be built between Mission: Space and Test Track, and a new dining establishment will be coming to the Japan pavilion. Some small changes can be seen at The Land pavilion and a new exhibit has opened at the Norway pavilion about Norse Gods. If you’re planning to visit Disney World request a free quote from our travel partner Destinations in Florida for free vacation planning. Check out the full photo report below and stay tuned for more theme park news and updates coming soon!

Welcome to Epcot, with just 1 week left of Flower and Garden Festival

Checking out The Land after the Circle of Life show closed a few months ago

Garden Grill took over Circle of Life’s sign here, and Sunshine Seasons got its own line

A new generic The Land sign has gone up by the old Circle of Life entrance

How it looked a couple weeks ago…

And when it was open a few months ago

A different angle, Now

And how it looked a couple weeks ago

One last look at the new poster box

New colorful work walls around Universe of Energy

While it does use the word “Galaxy” it does not explicitly say Guardians of the Galaxy

A picture of Spaceship Earth, with Spaceship Earth in the background

Old UoE sign still visible. Most work being done behind the old building

Cranes can be seen behind the Energy building

A view of steel rising for the Guardians of the Galaxy construction from parking lot

Close up of steel that will become a massive show building for the indoor coaster

Aerial view of steel rising for Guardians coaster Photo by @bioreconstruct

Old Wonders of Life pavilion no longer being used for Festival Center

Structure has been re-sealed and is being repainted

People spraying on top of the dome structure

A different view from the right side

Rumors are a new ride and quick service restaurant will be built here after the renovation

Steel for Guardians coaster can be seen behind the WoL pavilion.

Space restaurant will soon start construction near Mission: Space

Restaurant will be located between Mission: Space and Test Track

Could this be the future restaurant entrance? Or will they place it to the right, where the shrubs are now?

Heading over to Norway to check out changes to the pavilion

Kringla still closed for refurbishment, (you can get their snacks from nearby stand though)

Outdoor seating area also now closed as part of this refurbishment

Puffin’s Roost also closed as part of refurbishment

The Fjording and ride exit gift shop is open

One last look at work walls in front of Puffins

A brand new exhibit has opened at the gallery hall

Gods of the Vikings replaces an exhibit about the Inspiration for Frozen

Inside the exhibit

Tree in the center of the room features 4 carvings, this one of Thor

More information can be found along the wall





Broa Picture Stone

The Seeress

Exhibit credits

A new restaurant is also rumored to be built at the Japan pavilion

Some reports are that it will be on the right side of the pavilion, although other rumors point to an entrance at the back of the pavilion

The opening to a separate section inside the store has been walled off inside

Skyliner supports can be seen to the right of the France pavilion

Skyliner station being built behind the International Gateway entrance

Supports continue behind France pavilion

While on the bridge between UK and France you can kind of see a support behind the Eiffel Tower

If you walk 10 feet closer you can no longer see it, it’s only visible on tallest part of the bridge

Entrance to new section of France with the Ratatouille ride is rumored to be on right side

Perhaps this could lead to a new street behind the pavilion

Cranes can be seen over the left side of the pavilion

Construction of the Ratatouille ride show building can be seen between France and Morocco

The show building is pretty massive

The view from across the lagoon

Aerial view of the Ratatouille show building construction Photo @bioreconstruct

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for more theme park updates coming soon!

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