Epcot Update: Guardians of the Galaxy Coaster, Ratatouille Ride, Space Restaurant Construction & Norway Bakery Open

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The Food & Wine Festival may have just begun, but today we’re visiting Epcot to check out all of the massive construction projects currently underway. The Guardians of the Galaxy roller coaster building is being built behind the old Universe of Energy building, and it is massive! The ride will load inside the old show building, but then you’ll be launched from the old building to this gigantic box they’re building out by the parking lot. We’re even seeing the first track supports installed for the launch and return sections of the ride!

Across the lagoon there’s another large show building being constructed, this time for the Ratatouille ride being added to the France pavilion. This one is a little more obscured, with some trees to cover it up, so it doesn’t stick out nearly as much as the Guardians one. Also, two new restaurants are about to start construction inside the park: the space restaurant in Future World and a new steakhouse in Japan. And the Kringla bakery is back open in Norway, now bigger and better, but still serving School Bread! Check out the complete photo report below for more details and stay tuned for more theme park updates coming soon.

Let’s start by taking a look at the Guardians of the Galaxy show building from the farthest end of the parking lot

It’s hard to convey just how massive this thing is in person

Closer view of the steel structure

Attempting to get the entire structure in one photograph

Look at the first track supports for the new coaster, seen between Universe of Energy building and new giant ride building

There will be two tracks on these supports: one for the initial launch out to the giant building, and one back to the load/unload building at end of the ride, (similar to Rock ‘n Roller Coaster)

This area will also be enclosed, after the track installed

Zooming out a bit, and you can see the old Wonders of Life pavilion in background, and new coaster building on far left

Coaster building on left, connecting track supports in middle, and back of the old Universe of Energy on the right

One last look at the giant building as seen from outside the park

View of the massive building as seen from World Showcase Plaza inside the park

View of the structure as seen from across the lagoon near France/Morocco

View of the future Guardians of the Galaxy ride entrance (old Universe of Energy pavilion)

You have to really be looking for the giant show building hiding in the distance to see it.

Closer view of hiding show building on the back-right

The old Universe of Energy sign has remained (so far). This building will be used as queue, preshow, and for load/unload. The coaster will then launch from here to the larger building in the distance.

Reflective tiles have all been removed from the building

While the tiles have been removed, the solar panels have remained, for now

Closer view of removed tile

One last look at the building before moving on

The old Wonders of Life pavilion’s roof exterior work seems complete, and it is once again being used as the Festival Center. (The inside has not seen any noticeable updates however.)

The massive Guardians building can be seen from here

You can even see the Guardians building poking up behind Mission Space

Moving on, land has been cleared for the announced Space Restaurant

The Space Restaurant will be built to the right of Mission Space, next door to Test Track

We can see a bit of the cleared land on this access path between Mission Space and Test Track

There wasn’t any work going on while I was there though

Rumor is designers are having a hard time figuring out how to conceal the loud noise that comes from the cars speeding by every few seconds on Test Track next door. This may cause delays in construction

Outside of the park, the Caribbean Beach Resort expansion can be seen rising

A closer look at the new resort tower under construction

Heading over to the International Gateway entrance where the Skyliner is being constructed

A closer look at one of the Skyliner supports

The Skyliner station is just outside the Gateway entrance, across from the boat dock

A closer look at the gondola station

One last look at the station area, covered in many work walls

Looking back towards France and we can see land is being cleared for pavilion expansion

A new path will be constructed behind the current pavilion, leading to the new Ratatouille ride

A side street will start here, where a Cast Member gate currently sits

A look at the side street that will be continued behind that gate, at right of current France pavilion

This gate and wall is being demolished

Temporary walls are up along the water

One day we’ll walk through this gate to head towards the Ratatouille ride

The Ratatouille show building is more hidden than our last visit, barely noticeable when you’re walking in front of it

Close view of the top edge of the structure

A better view of the show building as seen from across the lagoon

Work walls are now up around the right side of the Japan pavilion for a new restaurant

It’s rumored to be a Japanese Steak House

Walls seen from store entrance

One last look at the area

Heading over to Norway where the Kringla Bakery has re-opened after refurbishment

To the right, one section of Puffin’s Roost is still behind work walls.

Inside, the bakery has been widened and a new queue installed

The first dessert case was removed to make room, now only a fridge for drinks/prepared foods is on the wall

All of their offerings have survived the refurbishment

There are now several bakery cases throughout the line, all the same

The prep area and kitchen have been extended, taking over some of the gift shop next door

Building has also been extended into patio and the exit has been moved from back to side wall. Some tables have been removed to make room

Former exit door is now a window

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