Harry Potter Coaster Construction Update at Islands of Adventure – Castle Structure Appears

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It’s only been about a month since our last Potter coaster update, and what started as a single steel beam is now a huge castle tower structure. With two different track sections intersecting, including one “crashing” right through the wall, this new structure will be the most visible from Hogsmeade and the ride’s entrance.

And speaking of the entrance, the work walls have been moved forward, now enclosing the locker station near the Hogwarts Express photo op as well as the entrance arch. We can see some new themed elements being installed both on the new castle tower and inside the drop-track show building near the back of the area. Check out the full photo report below, and be sure to also see our last update to see the full track layout and more ride details.

Starting on the left of Ollivanders, you can now see a structure rising up in the distance

Closer view of the new structure, as seen from the same spot

Work walls have been pushed further into the guest area

Work walls now continue out all the way to lockers building

Doorways to locker area blocked off by walls as well

If you stand back, near Honeydukes, you can see the new tall structure

Stepping just outside of Hogsmeade, the work walls continue

In the distance you can see part of the drop-track building

Looking even closer, you can see mesh forms for rockwork-style theming installed inside

Looking to the left, you can see the new structure, at the same time as Hogsmeade arch

It’s possible that later trees will block this view as construction continues

A look at the new structure towering above the wall, plus the old Dragon Challenge building on left

Track travels through this structure, (track partially covered in white plastic wrap)

The old Dragon Challenge queue building has been stripped of its theming

Closer look at the old Dragon Challenge turret and queue building entrance area

A sheet of prefabricated window forms was recently installed under the track on the structure

A glimpse of the launch track leading into the structure

Some more track, with the right side of the structure in background

A bunny hop section of track seen on left side of area

New taller bushes have been planted along the Hogwarts Express station, limiting our view of the new coaster site

You can still find the upwards spike if you peek between the plants, but it’s a lot harder to spot

You can see some steel rising behind this fence in front of the Hogwarts Express station

Closer view of the round steel structure

One last look at the new structure, you can see new window frames taking shape on the right

Wide shot view of the area from the Hogwarts Express queue

Since my visit to the park yesterday, even more themed elements have been added to the structure. Check out these recent photographs from the great @bioreconstruct on Twitter:

More prefabricated window forms being installed (Photo by @bioreconstruct)

Angled view of the new themed elements (Photo by @bioreconstruct)

Check out our last update to see the full track layout and more ride details. The new coaster is expected to open in the summer of 2019. For help booking your next trip to Universal Orlando request your free quote from Elizabeth at Destinations in Florida today! She’ll help you plan the perfect vacation with the best rates on ticket packages and on-site hotels, and her services are totally FREE to you.

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