Harry Potter Coaster Construction Update at Islands of Adventure – More Track!

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The new coaster being built at Universal’s Islands of Adventure is really starting to take shape! This thrilling “family” coaster will take place within the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and will feature familiar locations, characters, and creatures from the beloved stories. If you’d like to learn more about the story, track layout, and details for the new ride be sure to check out my new video!

New track is being laid for the attraction every week and a great little bunny hop has just been installed close to the entrance to the Hogsmeade train station. There are several tall cranes on site to help move these large pieces of steel around, and work can be heard all day at the park. At the same time, work is continuing on the old Dragon Challenge queue building as well. Check out the photo update below and stay tuned for more theme park news and updates coming soon!

Former entrance to Dragon Challenge

Work walls seen near entrance to Hogsmeade

View of the work site as seen from the exterior queue for the Hogwarts Express

Lower track from beginning of ride, upper track for end of ride

This curve near beginning of the ride will feature an encounter with the Flying Weasley car

Upper track from end of ride, lower track is near beginning, queue building in background

Former Dragon Challenge start point will be walled off and enclosed eventually

Moving to the left, wall theming has been removed from the queue

Bottom track starts banking to the left

Bottom track turning to the left, top track turning to the right

Fun little bunny hop near Hogsmeade train station

Track continues on, traveling to where a new small indoor show scene will be built

Overview of new track recently installed

Look at the former Dragon Challenge queue

This side of the structure will likely be re-themed with an entirely new style of brickwork

Castle towers have remained so far

Exterior queue path and exit path receiving work

Many supports in middle of image still without track

Lots of shorter supports without track seen in middle here

Supports on right side of plot, along with support building being constructed in background

Very tall spike for upwards/backwards fall section of ride. (See video for complete details)

Cranes, in their natural habitat

One last look at the new coaster next to Hogsmeade village and Hogwarts Castle in the distance

Check out the video above for more details. The new coaster is expected to open in the summer of 2019. For help booking your next trip to Universal Orlando request your free quote from Elizabeth at Destinations in Florida today! She’ll help you plan the perfect vacation with the best rates on ticket packages and on-site hotels, and her services are totally FREE to you.

Stay tuned for details about this new ride as they become available. Subscribe to the news feed or enter your email below to never miss an update. Photos: Alicia Stella

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