Kongstruction Recap: Two Years in 2 Minutes – Skull Island: Reign of Kong Construction History

Check out the video below for two years of Kongstruction is 2-ish minutes. I’ve been documenting the progress of this project from the very beginning when the land was being cleared, to the ride’s soft opening this month. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this photo-journey from start to finish of the new attraction Skull Island: Reign of Kong. And see below for a complete timeline all construction updates and news stories about Kong that we’ve posted in the previous two years, listed in order. Thanks for sticking with me through this incredible journey!

Kongstruction Update History

Below are every single Kong photo update and news story from the last two years. You can also see them all from this link. Stay tuned for more Kong coverage in the coming weeks as the grand opening date is revealed and more!

July 2014

tumblr_n9e0yfR08M1todh5bo1_500-300x218King Kong Coming to Islands of Adventure? (With Construction Update)

August 2014

IslandsParkMapKingKongSkullIsland02King Kong Construction Update – Bamboo Walls and Blueprints

P1010399King Kong Construction Update – Porta Potties and Overnight Lights

P1010429King Kong Construction Update – Surveying and Deeper Holes

September 2014

P10104951King Kong Construction Update – Concrete Perimeter Walls

P1010519King Kong Construction Update and Skull Island Movie News

October 2014

P1010584King Kong Construction Update – Kongstruction Goes Vertical and Rumor Roundup

November 2014

P1010788bKongstruction Update: Walls Start to Appear as Massive Structure Grows

P1010860Kongstruction Update: Huge Building Grows Bigger and New Facade Supports Arrive

December 2014

P1010955Kongstruction Update: Facade Structure Takes Shape and Indoor Queue Building Added

January 2015

P1020013Kongstruction Update: Facade Stretches Upward as Walls Continue to Wrap Around

P1020053Kongstruction Update: Skull Island’s Temple Gate Facade Comes Together

February 2015

P1020123Kongstruction Update: Rockwork About to Begin

P1020252Kongstruction Update: Rocks, Rocks, Rocks – Rockwork Begins as Comcast Announces Kong Ride

March 2015

P1020413Kongstruction Update: Rockwork Going Strong and Structure Interior Taking Shape

P1020525Kongstruction Update: Walkway Widened as Facade Work Moves Forward

P1020680Kongstruction Update: Skull Themed Construction Walls

April 2015

P1030128Kongstruction Update: Painting the Rockwork and Faces Appear

P1030768Kongstruction Update: Facade Looking Amazing as Construction Walls Start Closing In

May 2015

CEQJ-VfUIAAtWS1.jpg largeUniversal Teases ‘Something Huge’ – Could This Finally Be the Kong Announcement?

CEQJ-VfUIAAtWS1.jpg largeUniversal Orlando to Announce Kong Attraction Tomorrow May 6th at 11AM EDT!

kong_titleUniversal Orlando Announces ‘Skull Island: Reign of Kong’ for Summer 2016

P1030833Kongstruction Update: Scaffolding Comes Down and Entrance Arch Takes Shape

P1030943Kongstruction Update: Facade Work Continues and Something Taking Shape on the Ground

July 2015

P1040895Kongstruction Update: Kong’s Face Appears in Entrance Arch as Work Continues

September 2015

P1040991Kongstruction Update: Kong’s Face in the Rockwork and Ride Path Appears

P1050042Kongstruction Update: Mountain Range Gets Painted Murals and Outdoor Queue Takes Shape

December 2015

thumbKongstruction Update: Outdoor Ride Path Work Continues While Skulls and Torches Appear

January 2016

P1050621Kongstruction Update: Kong Gets Painted and Food Stand Appears

February 2016

Kong-blog-featured-900x563Universal Orlando Releases New Details, Images and Video for Skull Island: Reign of Kong

March 2016

00189.MTS.Still007Kongstruction Update: Fire, Lights, Doors and Trees

os-universal-kong-ride-vehicles-02Skull Island: Reign of Kong Ride Vehicle Details Released

P1070245Kongstruction Update: Kong Merchandise and New Fire Effects

vrexbigIntroducing the Monsters of Skull Island: Reign of Kong

April 2016

00409.MTS.Still020Kongstruction Update: Vehicle Testing, Food Stand Almost Ready and New Lighting

00527.MTS.Still001Kongstruction Update: New Area Music and Mess Tent Food Stand Open

May 2016

kong01-croppedUniversal Reveals Kong Himself in this First Glimpse of the Massive Animatronic from Skull Island: Reign of Kong

June 2016

636004849332456993-005First Photos from the Scary Queue of Skull Island: Reign of Kong

00763.MTS.Still022Kongstruction Update: WALLS ARE DOWN at Skull Island: Reign of Kong

00838.MTS.Still006Kongstruction Update: Reign of Kong Soft Opens with Full Queue Walk Through

00841.MTS.Still035Islands of Adventure Update: More Secret Life of Pets Merchandise in the Parks, Camp Jurassic and Some Minor Kongstruction

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