Pandora Merchandise Now Available Outside of the Land as Cast Members Prepare to Grand Open

Pandora – The World of Avatar will officially open on Saturday in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Even though the land is not yet open you can now get many of the new land’s pieces of merchandise from Island Mercantile just outside of Pandora. Mini banshees and other animal toys cannot be purchased outside of Pandora (yet.) See our photo report below to see what items are available outside of the land.

To prepare for the new land opening in just a couple days cast members are placing stanchions and ropes up all along the bridge leading to Pandora. There are some benches even set up within the make-shift queue. If you don’t arrive early on Saturday and want to get into Pandora, you should expect long waits. They will be limiting the number of guests inside of Pandora at one time, much in the way Universal has run crowd control for the openings of both Wizarding World lands. Check out the photos below to see how the queue will look for the opening days and stay tuned for more Pandora news over the next few days! Be sure to also check out our complete review and photo report from our preview of Pandora.

Pandora is now located on directional signs throughout the park

Signs out front, as well as many cast members, to let guests know Pandora is not yet open

Cast members have built a large queue in front of the area, leaving some path near Tiffins open

Here’s the queue, complete with shade and benches for those that need it

Just next door, left of the road to Pandora, is the Island Mercantile gift shop

If you head in using the entrance closest to Pandora, you’ll find everything you’ll need for your expedition

The center display holds a little of everything, including that frame I really like

To the right is lots of apparel

There’s ACE gear including binoculars, compass, flashlight and more too

Glowing sketch pad toy

Intergalactic passport with pin and badge

I hadn’t noticed this glowing sand playset before at Windtraders

I was so excited to see the Pandora treats here! Had to try the Teylu gummies!

Shirts and hats

That’s all for now! Stay tuned for more Pandora updates coming soon.

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