SeaWorld Orlando Update: Kraken Unleashed Review, Infinity Falls, Dolphin Nursery and Flamecraft Bar Construction

There’s a lot going on this summer at SeaWorld Orlando! We just got our first ride on Kraken Unleashed and construction is wrapping up on the new and improved Dolphin Nursery. Also underway is a brand new bar named “Flamecraft Bar” being built next door to the SeaFire Grill. It will feature local craft brews and signature cocktails. Preparations are in full force for Electric Ocean, the new summer-long event beginning this weekend. And of course construction is starting to pick up steam for the all new Infinity Falls raft ride, opening next year.

We got our first look at Kraken Unleashed yesterday and it is incredible. The newly remodeled entrance looks great with the new logo and the eel replaced by tentacles. This is to keep in line with the new look of the kraken as seen in the virtual reality overlay. And speaking of the overlay, I have to say I am impressed. The ride film is incredibly immersive and the sound quality is crystal clear, even over the loud coaster noise. The new story fits the coaster movements very well. And the graphics are top notch! I love the cameo that the lost city of Atlantis plays in it. My headset did have a little synchronization issue, but techs were on hand making adjustments to keep that from happening in the future. Check out the video as well as full photo report below for lots more details on this, and all of the ongoing projects at SeaWorld Orlando. And stay tuned for more theme park news.


Photo Report

Welcome to SeaWorld Orlando, already ready for the summer!

Ouch. Two major attractions closed in one day.

First we’ll take a look at the new Dolphin Nursery

The canopy looks ready now!

Love the new logo!

Signs on walls updated again

Signs match the new nursery’s style

I love the little touches and flourishes on the new canopy

Beautiful little touches

Stained glass style matches the area

The Seaside arch seems like inspiration for the new canopy accents

Dolphin theming and signage still being worked on at back wall

One last look at the area before we move on

Now we’re taking a look at the new Flamecraft Bar construction

The new bar is coming to the left of SeaFire Grill, and the restaurant will remain open during construction

Flamecraft will offer craft beers and signature cocktails

Holes being cut, most likely to extend overhanging awning here

Close up view of one of the cut holes

Taking a look at the side facing the water

The new bar will feature waterfront patio seating

Let’s take a peak at the bar being constructed

A good look at the back wall and bar area for Flamecraft

Electric Ocean event preparations underway

Water fountains and effects being installed for Ignite nighttime show

Pyrotechnics being prepared for Ignite show

That’s a whole lotta gas!

Bayside Stadium being dressed for Ignite show in Electric Ocean theming

The upper rows won’t be used as you will not see fireworks with roof obstructing view

Sections still to be wrapped getting a white base layer first

More Electric Ocean theming

Signage added to front of stadium

Ignite fireworks show and Electric Ocean starts June 17th and runs till August 5th

Let’s check in on Infinity Falls construction

All of the trees have been cleared from this area now

New signs have been added to the work walls

Across the path in the water a buffer has been added to keep construction debris from spreading

Seems to be working. Construction side at bottom

It’s a long wall of walls

The terrace restaurant building and a few palm trees are that’s been spared from demolition

Animal Ambassador backstage entrance

Work walls go all the way up to animal ambassador building doors

Looks like the entire area has been cleared

Water features have been filled in

Looks like we’re just about ready to start major construction

The new bubble show “Pop” has started playing at the Nautilus Theatre

More Electric Ocean theming and decor going up around the park

Squiggle decor in trees

Stars hanging over walkways

Journey to Atlantis is closed for refurbishment for the second time this year

Water was not running on the ride when I was there

Crane could be seen behind the attraction

Gift Shop and Aquarium are open during refurbishment

Yesterday we got to experience a pass member preview for Kraken Unleashed

I’m a big fan of how they changed the eel design to a tentacle, looks great!

Tentacle wrapping around rocks, where the old eel head used to be

Cave near the exit has been re-painted too

Kraken “eggs” with eels inside them have been removed

Love the suction cups!

The new sign really pops too

Warnings and information sign for optional VR experience

The queue has been re-done. Now themed like a sea lab base

Murals of mythical kraken and sea monster legends have been painted over

I’ll miss the Loch Ness Monster painting from this wall the most

Monitors explaining how to set up VR headset added throughout queue

Final room before load station

New style signs

Signs say same things, just new theming

Instructions for focusing your headset

This is what you see while focusing, the sea lab launch for your submersible

A bunch of happy riders about to start

It can take a few minutes for staff to help everyone get their headsets on

When ready a green light appears

After the ride all riders must remain seated until staff cleans every headset, which also takes a few minutes

Technicians were on hand to adjust and tweak VR settings throughout the preview

The new ride experience is awesome, I just hope they’re able to get the load/unload times down a bit

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  • sandra johnson


    I worked in the Theming department from 1999 to 2009 and was in charge of the repaint on the Kraken cave. I never liked the way the serpent was painted but it wasn’t my call. However, it looks far worse now. The director of Theming was let go and I don’t know who is charge of the department now. I know that certain changes come from the higher ups but wow what a disaster Kraken is now. Just my opinion of course.
    One of my venues to maintain (paint) was Journey To Atlantis. I was able to reach certain areas by high reach and climbing up the side stairs to the top but the other areas were impossible to get to. All of the out of reach graphics were painted when the ride was first built and the company used scaffolding. We were not allowed to do this.
    No one before me had ever repainted any graphics on this ride building since the building was built and even then I took it upon myself to repaint them. I don’t know why this ride building has been so neglected but everything was faded before I started working on it and it’s faded NOW. The sun does a number on paint. I never understood why the department I worked in didn’t seem to care how that ride building looked or looks even now. I would imagine the inside of the ride looks just as bad.
    If you could see how the building is crumbling on the inside you probably would never ride it again. The building stays wet constantly and the outer material of it is just a product called, Dryvit. Behind the Dryvit is mesh wire and then the structure. In the nine years I worked at Seaworld I never rode the ride nor did I ride Kraken. Kraken was built very soundly and I am sure it’s safe. I don’t feel that way about JTA.
    I should send corporate an email and tell them how sad JTA looks.

    Thanks for posting these photos.

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