Universal Orlando Update: Fast & Furious Construction, Christmas in the Wizarding World, Holiday Parade and More

We’re taking a look at both parks at Universal Orlando today! Over in Universal Studios Florida the ride entrance for Fast & Furious Supercharged can be seen as well as what might be the exit and gift shop areas. We’re taking a look at where Terminator 2: 3D used to be. And Diagon Alley is all decked out for the holidays. Over in Islands of Adventure we’re looking at where Dragon Challenge used to be, since every piece of coaster track has now been removed. Hogsmeade is decorated for Christmas. And we get a closer look at some of the new infrastructure in place for the holiday projection show.

Speaking of the holidays, there’s a lot of new experiences going on at Universal Orlando this year. We’re taking a look at the all-new nightly projection show called “The Magic of Christmas at Hogwarts Castle.” Plus, Universal’s Holiday Parade Featuring Macy’s has been completely re-imagined with all new balloons and floats. Check out the video and complete photo update below and stay tuned for more theme park updates coming soon.


Photo Update

Welcome to Universal during the holidays!

All signs of Terminator 2: 3D have been removed from the former attractions

Sign has been removed

Doors have been shuttered

Where the main attraction sign was on the sidewalk

Former location of the ride warnings sign

Shop windows have a new display

Inside, Terminator aspects remain, (however, this guy is now facing the other direction)

3D glasses return bins and signage remains

As well as the display of props and costumes from the show’s filming

Checking in on Fast and Furious Supercharged construction

Work walls out in front of Supercharged

Looks like work might be going on at the sidewalk and street

Old warehouse theming is just about complete

Red brick building in front will be ride entrance

Express and Virtual Line entrance in the center

Standby entrance with wait time sign on right

Single Rider line on far left

You can see a building behind the Ghirardelli facade, to the right of Supercharged entrance

Building to right of Supercharged entrance themed as Port of San Francisco

One more look at the future ride entrance from the front

Scrims are down and all brickwork has been replaced at the former Disaster entrance

Party lighting rig can be seen

This will likely be the ride exit and Fast & Furious gift shop

No change at the former Disaster exit

A look at the large show building themed differently on the London side

The view from across the lagoon at Fast & Furious Supercharged, opening this Spring

Checking out Christmas in the Wizarding World, decorated for the first time this year

The holidays in Diagon Alley

Heading over to Hogsmeade to check out the decor there

Checking in on Dragon Challenge replacement construction

No more coaster track can be seen in the skyline

Dragon Challenge former entrance covered in work walls

Free lockers remain open though

Dragon Challenge sign removed from arch as well as egg

New projector towers have been installed for the new nighttime holiday show

This one at the entrance to Hogsmeade from Jurassic Park is themed like an owlry

Another projector tower can be seen behind the Jurassic Park gate

This tower is not themed, only painted green

Checking out Hogsmeade at night

When the show is not going on Hogwarts still covered in show from projections

Hidden projector in window

The Magic of Christmas at Hogwarts is a 7-minute show every 20 minutes at night during the holidays

Checking out the all-new Universal’s Holiday Parade Featuring Macy’s

That’s all for now! Be sure to check out the update video for more details!

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