Universal Update: Fast & Furious Construction, Nintendo Land Rumors, Mummy Props and More

It’s time to check in on Universal Studios Florida! Fast & Furious Supercharged construction is still on pace for a Spring 2018 opening. The queue building in front has received a red brickwork facade. Words have been painted onto the facade recently. All windows have been installed on the large show building and are beginning to be aged to look like an old worn down warehouse. Work has also finally begun on the former Disaster ride entrance.

Also going on in the park, the new Mummy film has props on display in the lobby for the Horror Make-Up Show as well as merchandise and adverts in Revenge of the Mummy’s exit shop. There are a couple Minions photo ops to promote Despicable Me 3 in theaters. The Coke alien from the former Roboasis area has returned in a new static display at the Coke Refresh station near Men in Black. Harry Potter Rides now accept Express. And finally, walls have gone up at ET Adventure to probably block future construction of a Nintendo based land replacing KidZone beginning within the next few months. Check out the video as well as the full photo report below for more details, and stay tuned for more theme park updates!


Photo Update

Some of the entry banners have been replaced

Welcome to Universal Studios Florida!

Despicable Me 3 Advert in the arch

Despicable Me 3 photo op near Rip Ride Rockit

They roped it off and only let guests in during meet and greets

Minion Figures

This one’s giving tattoos

This minion has an attitude

Even though standby is 90 minutes, only 5 if you don’t mind stationary seating

I ran into these guys. They looked like they were up to no good

The Mummy (2017) props on display in the Horror Make-Up Show lobby

The sarcophagus is impressive

Costumes worn by the actors

Shooting script (my my that’s a lot of revisions)

The second display features mostly prop weapons

Behind the scenes featurette from the new film also playing in lobby

Adverts for the new film can also be seen at the exit to Revenge of the Mummy

And products are available in the gift shop area

You know it’s a hot day in the park when they open up the hydrant in the New York section

Time to check in on Fast and Furious: Supercharged construction

The front queue building is now covered in bricks

Words have been painted on the front recently

They look wonderfully weathered, even though it’s brand new

A look at some of the queue’s window frames

I like the simple logos and concept art on the work walls, (I do not miss the graffiti art)

Section of walls still not completed to the right

Looking back at the huge show building

All of the fake windows have received glass panes

Workers are using paint and stain to age down the windows

All of the black drip stains and dark smudges have been added to make it look old

Heading now to the former Disaster ride entrance, finally seeing some movement

Some of the existing brickwork is being stripped off

New walls being added to enclose queue/preshow areas

A garbage chute in the area for construction

Looks like the old Disaster preshow area is being retained, but closed off further from this side

One last look at this area before moving on

The old Disaster exit still blocked off the same

View of massive show building from London side

It’s possible the new ride uses the old exit, since show building connects to old building here

View of the massive building from across the lagoon

Harry Potter rides now accept Express at both Wizarding World lands

Single use Express pass will be allow you to go both ways on Hogwarts Express

Another minor change over at the Coke Refresh station near Men in Black

Our friend the Coke alien has returned from the Roboasis

He’s only a static figure now, but it’s nice to have him back!

Moving onto the KidZone, all indications are that Nintendo land will be taking this area over soon

Spongebob Storepants and ET Adventure should remain, but the rest of KidZone’s days are numbered

ET recently closed for general refurbishment…

When it reopened there were new blue walls in place

These walls block the view of KidZone from the exterior ET queue

On the other side of the walls we can see the Fievel water slide and queue

These walls were likely added to block our view of demolition and eventually construction

The rest of KidZone will probably close in phases. Fievel will be going away

A Day in the Park with Barney will also be closing

Woody Woodpecker’s Nuthouse Coaster is not long for this world

Curious George Goes to Town should also be going away

And finally, the Animal Actors show will also close

This show alone is a pretty large piece of real estate, but all together is sure to make a great new land

Don’t worry, ET. You don’t have to hide. Your ride isn’t going anywhere!

Stay tuned for more news and rumors all about Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Florida. We will be following this massive new project from the beginning. Be sure to subscribe to our news feed to never miss an update, Seeya next time!

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