Universal Update: Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon, Fast & Furious, Simpsons and More

Over at Universal Studios Florida, Race Through New York Starring Jimmy Fallon is officially set to open April 6, but word on the street is that it might actually start soft opens this month. In fact, it might start any day now, if you can believe it. They have just finished construction on the ride exit stairs inside The Tonight Shop gift shop. And it looks like the ride entrance and marquee are very close to being complete as well! We’ll keep you posted on soft openings when they happen.

Fast & Furious Supercharged construction continues as new steel is up behind the queue building that went up during our last update. This new structure is separate from the queue warehouse building next to it. Also going on in the park, work walls are still up at the candy store in New York, the free phone chargers that were installed last month are already gone this month (that was fast,) and The Simpsons Ride is back open after a brief refurbishment. Check out the video and photo update below, and stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

Photo Update

Welcome to Universal Studios Florida during Mardi Gras season!

This was my first time catching the Secret Life of Pets in the Superstar Parade. They’re so fun!

Work walls still around Doc’s Candy Store in New York

I wonder what needs to be done yet? Maybe this tiny store is being expanded

The free phone charging stations that were added last month have already been removed!

Last month with charging station

This month, no more station

Checking out Fast and Furious construction

Still closing up this last piece of show building wall

Looking inside

New steel has gone up behind the new queue structure that just went up last update

The gray structure behind the white steel is new

Closer view of the new structure

Starting to block that last part of the original building back there

This new building might be a pre-show because it seems to connect to the main show building behind it

Fountain and old Beetlejuice courtyard still intact

No change at the old Disaster entrance

This white tent has been back here for months during construction

No change at old Disaster exit either

Looking at show building from London side

Maybe the old Disaster exit will be the F&F exit since show building connects to it here

The Simpsons Ride is back open since going down for refurbishment

As far as I can tell the only changes I saw were closed captioning TV screens on the vehicles and throughout indoor queue for each of the carnival game workers, for hearing impaired to be able to read along with what everyone’s saying. Not sure if this is on the first floor only or all floors (or if it’s always been there, and I never noticed.)

Moving on to Race Through New York construction

Looks like the area near the bathrooms is about as done as it’s gonna get

The balcony above the bathrooms can be used as VIP seating for concerts

Closer look at the balcony

New York skyline windows near bathrooms

New trash bins themed to look like Rockefeller Center have been added

The stage door between bathrooms and Tonight Shop is for employees only

New themed sign on the door inside

Moving on to the front of the building

Some minor changes going on inside The Tonight Shop

Overview inside. (Check out our in-depth look around Tonight Shop here!)

New backdrop added behind registers

Closer view

Looks like the ride exit stairs are just about done now

The view up the stairs, where the ride lets out

So the 3D glasses will be called Racing Goggles for this ride, got it.

One last look at the (nearly) completed exit stairs

Some new merchandise has shown up, including this tight pants replica shirt

Look! It’s totally official!

Back outside, the weathering of the top of the building looks incredible

The marquee is looking like it’s nearly done now

Lighting is being added to the words

Blue and red “neon” appearing lighting added in center of words

Closer view. Blue on top line, red on bottom

Jimmy Fallon in front of the New York skyline

New flower bed added

Concrete still a little rough, so more work may be done to complete the look

New window display featuring The Roots

Window display with Fallon

Testing the television monitors. That’s all for now! More Fallon update coming (really) soon!

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