Viewing Area and Projector Platforms for New Nighttime Lagoon Show at Universal Studios Florida

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Construction is winding down for the new nighttime lagoon show at Universal Studios Florida. The new show will feature colorful fountain displays, fireworks, and projections onto mist screens in the lagoon. There are also rumored projection mapped elements on buildings behind the area. New towers for projectors have been installed along the lagoon which supports this rumor. Also, the water level has risen to its regular level now, blocking the view of the large underwater platform where the fountain heads sit.

Last week there was what seemed to be an unintentional leak of information about the new show from Universal Orlando’s own website. The show seems to be called “Universal’s Cinematic Celebration” and while we still do not have an official announcement about when the new show will begin, it has been rumored to start as soon as the end of this month. With the extended rainstorms a couple weeks ago, construction may be behind though. Check out our photo update below as well as more details about this all-new show coming soon to Universal Orlando!

Leaked Show Description

Universal’s Cinematic Celebration – Epic Cinema Under the Stars
Starting this summer, nights at Universal Studios Florida will be brighter and bolder than ever as music from the world’s biggest films fills the air and scores of dancing fountains erupt. Massive walls of water blaze with epic movie moments and powerful projections bring the entire waterfront into the movies. You’ll see and hear roaring dinosaurs from Jurassic World, feel the adrenaline rush of high-speed cars from Fast & Furious, watch the mischievous antics of the Minions from Despicable Me, and so much more. Don’t miss the amazing new show that’s lighting up select nights all year long.

Construction Update

The water level is back to normal, submerging the new platform

One of two new platforms has been installed. It may be for projectors

They may use the platforms for projection mapping on the buildings behind the area

New metal platforms have been installed over the platform

This platform will likely be used for a projector that will project onto a water mist screen during the show

Not sure yet what the taller platform will be used for

Some of the old projector shells from the old show will likely be utilized again, but with new projectors

Work walls up along this dock at the middle of the lagoon

Glimpse behind the walls

Old projector from previous show has been removed from this hiding spot

Second new platform along the walkway, in front of Starbucks and directly in front of show area of lagoon

Could we see projections onto these walls behind the lagoon fountains?

Projection surface for the new show?

Overview of lagoon show area

Equipment on dock hidden by camouflage netting

Work continues across the lagoon on the garden viewing area

These rocks were recently refreshed, 3-tier viewing area being built in background

Garden viewing area

There are 3 viewing tiers, spectators will stand, and each row features railings

Closer view of railing installed along top tier

Stairs between different levels

One of the entrances to garden viewing area taking shape

Wide angle of nearly entire viewing area

Workers in boat tending to fountain effects

Side view of now submerged fountain platform

Lagoon water was recently dyed green

Closer view at some of the fountains, effects, and mist screens

Different color rocks along lagoon, pacific coast style across from San Fran and East Coast style for NYC on right

Lots of earth still being moved for viewing area in Central Park

That’s all for now! Check out our last update with permit images for more details

This new nightly show is expected to open sometime this summer. For help booking your next trip to Universal Orlando request your free quote from Elizabeth at Destinations in Florida today! She’ll help you plan the perfect vacation with the best rates on ticket packages and on-site hotels, and her services are totally FREE to you.

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