Volcano Bay Construction Update: Water Slide Testing and Park Entrance Takes Shape

Universal’s Volcano Bay will be officially opening May 25, 2017. I wanted to check in on construction this week now that scaffolding has started to come down around the 200 foot tall volcano, named Krakatau. The rockwork looks amazing, and has more color in it than I thought when only viewing it from far away. New ancient ruins have been added along the base of the volcano since I was last here. During my visit, I was pleasantly surprised to see that many of the water slides already have water running through them for testing!

I also got a good look at the new park’s entrance plaza and new title lettering. They were paving the plaza’s walk up while I was there. The I-4 entrance and exit lanes have been shifted temporarily for work that continues on the pedestrian tunnel beneath the road. This will lead guests to and from a tram drop-off area on the other side. Check out the video as well as photo report below and stay tuned for more regular Volcano Bay updates in the future as we inch ever closer to the grand opening date!

Photo Update

Welcome to Volcano Bay!

This letter has a backing, a sign of what’s to come

Overview of the entrance plaza

This wall on right side of plaza has a nice design

Closer view of the wall’s intricate design

Random piece of rockwork at the entrance

Pedestrian walkway tunnel, leading from tram drop-off on the other side

One last look at the entrance sign

Taking a look at slides from behind the park

This giant sized tube slide is new since my last visit a couple months ago

Testing going on at these family slides by Cabana Bay side

Love the roof style, and you can see inflatable rafts up there


Covered area and small pavilions being constructed here

We can get a good look at the rockwork now that some of the scaffolding has come down

So many various slides weaving in and out of the volcano

Closer view of some of slides behind the volcano

Ancient ruins being added along base of Krakatau

Full view of volcano side with ruins at base

Even larger ruins on the other side of Krakatau

Closer view of ruins

The view from the new Cabana Bay towers

Separate slides left of volcano and other slides coming out of volcano on right

Wave pool area in front of volcano

Splash down pool at end of slides to the right of wave pool

Pathway and bridge over lazy river

Lazy river

Tunnel at base of volcano for lazy river to flow through

Overview of the entire construction site

NJk8xkFSee all Volcano Bay updates, including original concept art, building plans, and news updates here. See the full list of attractions here. Stay tuned to the feed for breaking theme park news and more Volcano Bay updates!

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