Volcano Bay Construction Update: Wave Pool Testing, Slide Testing, New Scenery, Trees and More

With just a little over a month until the grand opening on May 25th, were in the final stretch of construction for Universal’s Volcano Bay. Since our last visit a tremendous amount of trees and foliage has been brought in. Decor and little touches are starting to show up everywhere you look. And entire areas are starting to come together now, like the kids area, Runamukka Reef, and the park entrance area as well.

When guests arrive for their visit to Volcano Bay, they will park at the main parking garage and will then be shuttled to the park on a new tram road. Once dropped off they will pass under a road, through a pedestrian tunnel, and emerge on the other side in an ancient jungle. With such dense foliage and ancient ruins, it will still take a few more minutes of walking before they’re standing in front of the immense and impressive volcano. Check out the video, as well as extensive photo update below, and stay tuned for more theme park updates!

Photo Update

Tram access road that will take double buses full of passengers to and from parking garage and the park

Bus drop-off/pick-up station being constructed

Across the street you emerge after crossing under in the pedestrian tunnel

Where you emerge from tunnel

Theming as you walk away from tunnel is incredible

“Volcano Bay” etched in stone

The walkway slowly rises up as you continue

After the ramp you continue on a winding path

Path will be surrounded by dense foliage

The entrance plaza

The Volcano Bay sign is complete, with colorful backings behind each letter

Closer view of letters

This hut is looking very complete

Love the designs on the walls

This metal hut is very new, may only be a roof, perhaps for ticketing or self-serve kiosks

A look at the main entrance roof

Love the fabric awning design

A look at the entrance from above with (what’s left of) Wet ‘n Wild in the background

A quick look at some of Wet ‘n Wild being dismantled across the highway

Let’s take a look at the volcano from the side (facing Turkey Lake Road)

The stairs up the volcano are starting to look guest-ready

Slide passing out of and then back into volcano

These stairs below are not quite guest-ready yet

Water Coaster load platform seen in foreground, Punga Racers in background

Piece of water coaster track

Happy “Vol” statue

One more full look from this angle

Now moving on to the front of the volcano (facing Cabana Bay)

Tippy top of volcano

More happy faces

Drop slide chamber at the top of the volcano

Down near the base of the volcano rockwork is still being done

Water coaster passing through

Lighting rigs pointed at volcano for nighttime lighting

Wave pool is filled (although water is not yet treated so looking murky)

They have been testing wave pool waves

More faces at the base of the volcano

Walkway into base of volcano

Ohyah and Ohno Drop Slides seen from afar

Insignia seen on sign in front of Ohyah and Ohno Slides

Cabanas springing up everywhere

Kids area, Runamukka Reef, taking shape

Angler fish and octopus taking shape in kids area

Some dining areas located at the edge of the park, up against Cabana Bay

Dining areas under construction here

I noticed if you zoom in you can see the sign for “Dancing Dragons Boat Bar”

Now we’re looking at the backside of the volcano

A better look at those stairs as well as Kala and Tai Nui Serpentine Body Slides

Body slides are still covered, and good thing as they’re caked in work dust

Punga Racers hiding behind trees

Punga Racers hiding behind the water coaster load area

Taniwha Tubes slides, up against Turkey Lake Road

Taniwha Tubes closer view

Maku Puihi Raft Rides in the very back of the park

Honu ika Moana slides, near Cabana Bay on the Turkey Lake side

View from the other side of Honu, with its two massive walls

Wall number one on Honu

Wall number two on Honu

I like the metal design they’ve put on the back of this, really only visible from the street and not in the park

We’ll end today’s massive update with a look at some of the colorful buildings near the park entrance

How these buildings look butted up against Cabana Bay’s pool area and lazy river

I leave you with this incredible view from Cabana Bay

NJk8xkFSee all Volcano Bay updates, including original concept art, building plans, and news updates here. See the full list of attractions here. Stay tuned to the feed for breaking theme park news and more Volcano Bay updates!

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