Spike’s Pollen Nation Exploration 2018 Prizes and Scavenger Hunt Locations – Epcot Flower & Garden

It’s the 25th annual Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival, and this year they have introduced a brand new scavenger hunt. Spike’s Pollen Nation Exploration has us looking all over World Showcase to find the little lovable honey bee, Spike. He can be found pollinating flowers in 12 gardens around the lagoon.

To participate in Spike’s Pollen Nation Exploration you have to purchase a map and stickers set from Pin Central, Port of Entry, or other select gift shops. They cost $5.99 plus tax per set. Once you find Spike in all 12 gardens you can redeem your completed map for one of four different festival patch sets. Each patch set includes 3 different patches. (And no, they are not iron-on patches unfortunately.) See the full list of hunt locations below!

A look at all four prizes! These exclusive patch sets each include 3 designs.

The Scavenger Hunt map showing all 12 gardens where you will find Spike

Scavenger hunt spoilers from this point forward:

We’re showing you exactly where every Spike and garden is hiding in World Showcase, in order from left to right, around the world. Happy hunting!

Tropical Rainforest Garden – Mexico

Just to the right of the pavilion’s huge pyramid you’ll find the Tropical Rainforest Garden. This garden features Orchids that climb up trees. And that’s where you’ll find Spike, hiding up real high near the trees. His little pollination sign can be found on the ground though, and it’s for an Orchid.

Garden is to the right of pyramid

Orchid is the sticker for this garden

Spike is hiding up high, among the colorful orchids

Norway Troll Topiary – Norway

This garden is found on the right side of Norway, heading to China. You can’t miss the big green troll topiary. Spike is buzzing around to the left of the troll, and he’s pollinating Delphinium.

Troll seen between Norway and China

Delphinium is what we’re looking for

Spike buzzing around in Norway

Outpost Savanna – Outpost

This is a real tough one! The “Savanna” garden can be found just to the right of Timon and Pumbaa topiaries, and outside the wall along the lagoon. It’s not so much a garden, but more the “Fountain Grass” that can be seen growing by the water.

Found at end of the area, near Germany

Spike in Fountain Grass by the lagoon

Spike can be found outside the area’s wall, to the right of Timon & Pumbaa topiary display

Italy Promenade – Italy

This one can be found near the bridge and Venice canal boats by the lagoon, just to the left of the of the Primavera Kitchen festival booth. Spike is flying above some potted Olive plants.

Garden in potted plants by the water

Spike found pollinating Olives

Spike hanging out in the potted plants by the water in Italy

Garden Italiano – Italy

This garden is also in Italy, found just to the right of the Lady and the Tramp Topiaries. It’s located between Italy and American Adventure and is called Garden Italiano.

Garden found on edge of Italy, nearest to America

Tomato is what we’re looking for here

Spike is hiding in the back of this garden (back-right when you’re standing with your back to the lagoon)

Smokehouse Garden – The American Adventure

Directly in front of The Smokehouse festival booth you’ll find Spike buzzing around the feet of the Woody topiary display. He’s pollinating a Sunflower in this garden.

Look near The Smokehouse in America

Sunflower is what we’re looking for here

Spike hiding down by Woody’s feet in front of The Smokehouse

Japan Promenade – Japan

Look for the Bonsai garden directly across from Hanami, Japan’s festival booth, and Spike can be seen on the far right side of the garden. This is on the edge of the land, near the Morocco side.

Garden is across from Hanami

Bonsai is what we’re looking for here

Spike found on the far right side of the land, on the Morocco side

Urban Spice Garden – Morocco

This garden is located just to the right of the Tangierine Cafe, in front of the restrooms. Spike can be found to the right of the Spice Garden sign pollinating a Chili Pepper.

Garden is to the right of Tangierine Cafe

Chili Pepper is what you’re looking for

Spike can be seen in this garden on the right edge of Morocco

Florida Fresh Garden – Between Morocco and France

This area stretches between Morocco and France. Spike can be found just to the left of the Florida Fresh food booth, pollinating an Orange tree.

The garden stretches between Morocco and France

Spike is pollinating an Orange tree

Head to the left side of the Florida Fresh area to find Spike

English Tea Garden – United Kingdom

The English Tea Garden can be found on the farthest left side edge of the United Kingdom pavilion, closest to the France side. Spike is pollinating Chamomile at the end of the garden closest to World Showcase’s main path.

Garden is directly behind Tea Caddy shop

Spike is pollinating Chamomile

If path is blocked by Alice meet and greet, you can walk through the Tea Caddy shop to get to the garden

Shakespeare Garden – United Kingdom

This garden is also at the United Kingdom, located in front of the restrooms at the right side of land closest to Canada. Spike can be seen pollinating a Honeysuckle.

Locate Shakespeare’s bust in the garden

Spike pollinating a Honeysuckle

Spike can be found in this garden near the UK restrooms, across from the Rose & Crown Pub

Port of Entry Topiaries – World Showcase Plaza

And finally, this last garden can be seen just outside the Port of Entry gift shop, on the left side, next to the Bambi and friends topiary display. Our last sticker to find is the Rose here.

Look on the left side of the Port of Entry store

Rose is what we’re looking for here

Here’s Spike flying around his good friends Bambi, Thumper, and of course Flower!

Hope you had fun finding Spike in all of the gardens! Be sure to check out our Complete Guide to the 2018 Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival for full food menus and concert lineup here and stay tuned for more theme park news coming soon.

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