Globus Mundi Store Now Under Construction in Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Florida

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Potter fans may already know about the upcoming, mysterious Globus Mundi travel agency coming to Diagon Alley in Universal Studios Florida. The sign has been featured in the area since the new land opened, but it is not based on anything from the books or movies.

In recent months merchandise featuring the Globus Mundi branding started showing up in gift shops throughout the Wizarding World, leading to more speculation. We had heard word that one of the several rooms of Ollivanders has been completely gutted, and soon that room will be converted into the Globus Mundi travel agency, with an all new entrance facing Carkitt Market.

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Globus Mundi shirt available at Studio Store

Keychains and Pins

Luggage Tags

Today, work walls have gone up around the facades as construction on the outside is about to begin. The new entrance is expected to replace the Dr. Fillibuster’s Fireworks and House Elf Agency facades currently in the area, facing the Carkitt Market stage where Tales of Beedle the Bard & Celestina Warbeck perform daily.

It’s rumored that the wooden barn-doors as part of the fireworks facade will be replaced with a real window into the shop. See the photos of the area below for more information on what facades are expected to be updated with this project.

A look at the area that is currently behind work walls, from photos taken last month

New rumored entrance to Globus Mundi

This barndoor is rumored to be a new picture window into the shop

The House Elf Agency facade is also rumored to be replaced, or somehow changed

One last look at the future shop’s entrance

It is still unknown whether the new store will only sell Globus Mundi themed merchandise, or if it will somehow in fact be a travel agency that offers vacation packages for locations related to the Wizarding World.

What do you think the new store will sell or offer? And would you be willing to book a real vacation package to see Harry Potter related destinations from within Universal Studios Florida? Leave a comment with your thoughts!

The current sign can be found above Sugarplums, but will be relocated

UPDATE: Be sure to enter our free contest on Twitter for your chance to win a Globus Mundi pin and $10 Gringotts bank note! More info >

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