Leaked Model Photos Show Off Super Nintendo World for Universal Parks

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This morning new photos were found that appear to show a model of one of the Super Nintendo World lands designed for Universal theme parks. The images, which were shared on social media by the Unofficial Universal Orlando Podcast, show the main courtyard areas for the Mushroom Kingdom, as well as Donkey Kong Country.

Given the fact that Donkey Kong can be seen in this model, it is most certainly a model designed for the now cancelled plans for the land in the KidsZone area of Universal Studios Florida. Those plans were supposedly moved to Universal Orlando’s new theme park, being built a few miles south of the current property, tentatively named “Fantastic Worlds.”

Given what I have reported on in the past for Super Nintendo World, and what other rumors have been floating around, there is absolutely no doubt that these images show an official model of the land. In fact, if you take away the Donkey Kong section, this model is nearly identical to what they are currently building in Universal Studios Japan.

The model also lines up with officially released concept art for Japan (and now Singapore as well). The promotional images and video feature many of the same landmarks and structures seen in the model. The model, of course, features many more fine details though.

Officially released concept art

Commercial video footage

Given that the model images show MORE details, we are able to get our first look at some of the (early) names for the attractions and more. These line up with early rumors I have heard, and some we have discussed on the ParkStop Podcast.

For the main attraction, which has guests entering through a facade of Bowser’s Castle, the sign merely says “MARIO KART”. Which, may very well be the official name for the technologically advanced dark ride attraction. Or, the sign may not say the entire name. (Either way, anything shorter than “Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure” is a win in my book.)

We can also see the name of the land’s main quick service location, “Toadstool Cafe,” located on the lower level. This restaurant looks like Toadstool’s house.

The family omnimover ride appears to be named “Yoshi’s Adventure,” which is a fitting name for a ride where you get to ride on the back of a Yoshi. A line of colorful Yoshis can even be seen in the main photo. This is the ride path for the omnimover.

In the third image of the model, we see all of Donkey Kong Country, which guests would access through a warp pipe located under the Yoshi ride. In the model we can see Funky Kong’s plane, which is used as an outdoor gift shop. We can see Donkey Kong’s treehouse, which is the backdrop for a meet and greet stage. There are interactive characters along the main path as well, like Rambi the rhino. And of course, there’s the main roller coaster attraction.

The Donkey Kong coaster, called “Mine-Cart Madness” in the model, would be partially outside as well as feature inside scenes. We can see that the main entrance is a temple, with the mine cart jumping the track right at the top of the temple, above an integrated waterfall feature. The land would clearly feature a tremendous amount of kinetic energy.

Again, we’re still not entirely certain which Super Nintendo World lands will be getting the Donkey Kong mine cart coaster. While it was originally slated for the KidsZone area, which I am pretty certain is where this model was constructed for, there’s still no telling if it will make it to the new theme park in Orlando or not.

As far as Japan and Hollywood, the two Nintendo lands actually under construction right now, neither appear to be getting a Donkey Kong ride, at least not at this time. Japan appears to be getting everything else we see in the model though. Hollywood appears to at least be getting Mario Kart and some of the Mushroom Kingdom courtyard, but will likely not be receiving the Yoshi ride either.

For more information on which lands might be getting what rides, and when they are all scheduled to open, check out our previous article. And stay tuned for more news and details on Super Nintendo World as they happen. There’s still so much more to talk about!

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