VIDEO: Universal Classic Monsters Land for Universal’s Fantastic Worlds

We’re looking at the possibility of a Universal Classic Monsters world heading to Universal Orlando’s new theme park being developed near the Orange County Convention Center. Could be we see Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, Wolf-Man, Invisible Man, and the Creature from the Black Lagoon get their own land with new rides and attractions when Universal Orlando’s new theme park opens? A leaked document and new rumors point to yes! We’re exploring the rumors for what types of rides we may see in such a land.

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  • Vicki


    I hope this rumor is true. It’s really about time. Everyone has grown up with Universal’s monsters. They are timeless. The attraction and entertainment possibilities are endless. l also believe this could be a great opportunity to make all ages feel included.

  • Art Collier


    I would very much like to see a classic monsters area in the new park as they are very much missed. I find it odd that it might be the 1st throw away area since monsters/horror anything is so popular as HHN.

  • Cynthia Wilson


    I love the classic monsters, this would be a great addition to Universal Parks, I would definitely visit this new Park. I was there when Universal Studios opened I would definitely be there for this.

    • Rhonda

      This would be a terrific addition to the parks. These old classics don’t need to fade away. They are still loved by all generations.

  • Richard DeMoss


    They should do a horror-themed land with at least one HHN-style house open year-round.

  • Kevin Crabtree


    It would be amazing. The dark ride through a best of universal classic monsters would be great! Would definitely be something I would visit for!

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