What’s Replacing Terminator 2: 3D at Universal Studios Florida with Construction Update

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A little over a year ago, after a 21 year run, Terminator 2: 3-D closed at Universal Studios Florida. In that time we have seen very little change about the building that once hosted the attraction, until now. It appears that giant sections of the side walls of the theater have been removed to make way for expansions to the structure. This will help make the stage larger, but for what show?

Universal still has not announced any specifics, but they have said that the show will be replaced by “an all-new live action experience based on a high-energy Universal franchise.” Other than that short sentence, and the opening date of “2019” there’s not much else known. So, what do we think the show will be? Let’s dig into the rumors and take a closer look at the demolition and construction going on below.

First, the rumored property for the new show is Jason Bourne. The new show would be focused on stunts and feature live-action actors as well as some screen elements. The new show is rumored to NOT be in 3D like its predecessor.

To make way for the new experience, some major changes are going to have to happen to the theater design, which was set up specifically for a 3D experience. The first big change is removing the two screens on the left and right sides of the theaters. The robots that come out in the beginning of the show were removed nearly a year ago, but the screens only came down recently.

Next, the walls where those side screens were located are coming down. That’s because they’re expanding the stage and need more room to fit a deeper stage into the theater, not only in the middle, but also on the sides of the theater. This is where we can see construction is at now. An expansion to the building is evident when you walk the pathway between Universal Studios Florida and the Hard Rock Hotel. (Please note, photos were taken from guest accessible areas and never backstage.)

The expansion on this side is only a few feet, but I believe the expansion on the other side, (left side of theater) will be even deeper. Also, not pictured is the back of the theater getting an expansion of its own to add more backstage space.

We can see clear through the building and straight into the park from here, since both side walls have been demolished. What’s great about the fact that the stage is getting widened and deepened, is that probably means the new show will focus much more on live actors doing real things. In a park dominated by screen-based attractions, this is good news.

Heading into the park, let’s take a look at the former entrance to the show. Not much has changed here since the week after the old show closed back in October of 2017. We can still see the metal that was placed over the holes where the sign on the building for Cyberdyne Systems was originally. And metal plates cover the standby and Express entrance signs as well.

When the new show is ready to open, probably around Spring/Summer of 2019, this will also be the main entrance. Inside I expect the queue and preshow room set-up to remain in much the same configuration as before (minus the glasses pickup). The theming may be high-tech spy lab style, to fit with the control room Bourne theme. (Although, with the war room design for Fast & Furious: Supercharged’s second pre-show already using that style, I wonder if it may be changed to something else here.)

An outline can be seen where the main sign for T2:3-D once stood:

Holes and outline where the safety warnings sign once stood:

Let us now head into the exit gift shop, Cyber Image, which has seen very little updates in the last year since the show closed. Other than the removal of the endoskeleton statue (which was sold to a collector,) and the removal of the television showing the making of T2:3D not much else has changed around here.

Of course, the window displays were updated, and are now more in line with the time period of a classic Hollywood, matching the rest of the surrounding area.

Inside, there has been no change to the exit doors. Even the 3D glasses drop off bins and signs have remained. We can hear very loud construction work happening on the other side of these doors on most days lately.

Around the store we can still find remnants like the Cyberdyne triangle logos and a giant poster of the terminator behind the registers.

Also still on display are the props and costumes used in the show, behind glass, that you could see on your way out of the show. This includes a piece of debris signed by James Cameron and plaques commemorating the attraction.

Who says Universal doesn’t care about closed ride nostalgia! You can still get a pressed penny for the attraction. And I bet you they leave that here for years to come. They still have the original Jaws and Kong pennies available in the park, so why not?

There’s still a few last remaining T2:3D branded souvenirs available for sale. Unfortunately all the mugs and hats are sold out, but you can still grab an endoskeleton action figure, hand grabby thing, a golf ball or a keychain. Get ’em while they last!

That’s all for now! Hopefully Universal announced the new show replacing T2:3D soon because people are getting antsy for some new announcements around here. And while the rumor I have heard has always been for a Jason Bourne stunt show, remember that it is still a rumor, and things can change, especially when it comes to Universal Studios Florida lately!

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