Aerial Look at Updated Cinderella Castle Colors for Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary

It was announced back in February that Cinderella Castle in the Magic Kingdom would be getting a royal makeover to celebrate the resort’s upcoming 50th anniversary. A new color scheme of rose gold, royal blue, and shimmering gold accents were added to the castle in the following months,

However, work on the castle’s revamp was halted when the parks closed due to COVID-19 concerns back in March. It wasn’t until the last couple weeks that crews were able to put the finishing touches on the castle, bringing the complete vision to life. There’s still some work to be done around the hub and surrounding turrets to match the newly painted castle though. Let’s take a look at the progress from a set of recent aerial photographs from our friend Bioreconstruct.

A very special thanks to Bioreconstruct on Twitter for sharing the amazing aerial photography! Before we get into the recent photographs, here’s a reminder of what the concept art for this update looked like when it was first released back in February.

Artist rendering of changes to Cinderella Castle, Photo: Disney

The Walt Disney World theme parks have not yet opened, but crews should hopefully be completely done with this project by the time the first guests return the second week of July. The first photo below is a wide shot of all of the Magic Kingdom park.

The next few photographs give us our best look so far at the castle’s new colors and golden accents, as seen from the front.

The next photo shows us a side view of Cinderella Castle.

And here is a look at the back of the castle. You can see many of the cranes that were assisting in the makeover resting on the side.

Before and After, with an image from one year ago on left and now on right

The next couple photos give us a wider view, showing off the hub, Fantasyland, and Liberty Square in relation to the castle.

Work has been going on for the updated entry plaza at the Magic Kingdom as well. Hopefully this project can be completed within three weeks when guests start to come back too.

While we’re here, let’s check in real quick on the Tron Light Cycle roller coaster’s progress in Tomorrowland.

That’s all for this quick check-in at the Magic Kingdom. For more amazing aerial theme park photography be sure to check out Bioreconstruct on Twitter. And if you’re looking for more information on the reopening of Walt Disney World, see our previous article.

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  • Lisa


    To you the truth, I don’ like . remember the cake castle that was awful. why can’t they leave the castle alone,

    • Elle

      I can honestly say I hate this, what’s wrong with keeping it white and just a new coat of baby blue?

      Looks too close to Paris or one of the other theme parks. No individuality with this change.

  • Lisa


    Sorry typing too fast, To tell you the truth, i don’t like it.

  • Cheryl


    IMHO i don’t like it either. It is NOT what the original castle colors are in the books. It is representative of Sleeping Beauty’s castle NOT Cinderella. Weird.

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