Dragon Challenge Officially Closed at Islands of Adventure – Last Day Photos & Video

Earlier this week the suspended roller coaster, Dragon Challenge, ran for the very last time. Originally known as Dueling Dragons, this is the first major opening day attraction to close permanently at Universal’s Islands of Adventure. The attraction closed to make way for an all new family thrill-ride in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter: Hogsmeade.

We don’t know much yet about the ride’s replacement, but Universal claims the new highly themed roller coaster will be unlike anything they’ve ever done before. Universal Creative is again collaborating with Warner Bros. and the production design team from the Harry Potter films to bring this attraction to life. Rumors say it will take place in the Forbidden Forest where you will encounter familiar characters and creatures.

We were there Monday for Dragon Challenge’s final day to get lots of video and photographs, including a look at some of the original tapestries from Dueling Dragons that were rarely seen in the since darkened queue. Check out the video below and our photo tribute and stay tuned for our continuing coverage of the construction of the new attraction!

Photo Update

Survey flags and trees marked for demolition can be seen already

Tree marked for removal

I’m going to miss this view of the castle

Triwizard Cup

Triwizard Tournament’s Golden Eggs. The one on the left is an actual movie prop!

The room with floating candles filled with elaborate tapestries on the walls, but too dark to see normally

These tapestries were leftover from the original Dueling Dragons queue

Love this one with Fire dragon destroying the castle

Choose thy fate:

That’s all for this photo update. Be sure to check out the video for the full queue walk-through and a better look at the hidden tapestries.

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