Epic Universe News Update: Starfall Racers Coaster Train and New Construction

Checking back in at Universal Epic Universe, the new theme park opening in Orlando in 2025, we’re getting our first look at the coaster train for Starfall Racers. This celestial-themed racing coaster will feature two tracks, the highest speeds in the park, and an impressive lighting package to make it look like shooting stars streaking across the sky at night.

Let’s dig into more about this launched dueling coaster, as well as check in on the rest of the park, in today’s news update. See the video version of this story above for additional visuals.

Celestial Park

Located within Celestial Park, the center area of Epic Universe, Starfall Racers is the park’s largest roller coaster attraction, manufactured by Mack Rides.

Reaching speeds up to 62 miles per hour and heights up to 133 feet along 5,000 feet of track, this dual-track coaster will have two trains racing side by side for most of their circuits.

The signature move for the ride is named the “Celestial Spin.” This inverted crisscross will have both trains barrel roll around each other at the tallest point of the ride seen in the photo below.

Thanks for incredible aerial and on-the-ground photography from Bioreconstruct on social media we are getting our first look at one of the complete trains for Starfall Racers.

This train is seen parked on the final brake run.

As we reported previously based on permit information, the trains do appear to have 20 seats total.

Keep in mind that when they dispatch, there will be two trains launching at the same time, meaning 40 riders will start the ride at once. This attraction may have a decent throughput as a result.

The cone of this comet-shaped coaster train, as well as all of the white spots seen in the photos are likely LED lights.

Universal has said that this ride will not feature any external track lighting at night, so “the fully illuminated ride vehicles appear as comets shooting across the night sky above Celestial Park.”

It had been rumored that this coaster attraction will feature on-board audio, which seems to have been confirmed on the official website where it says the ride will feature “ethereal music.”

The ride will likely feature an original score, similar to the score expected for Celestial Park itself. The composer for Celestial Park has not yet been announced, but is rumored to contain all new music created just for the park.

As hinted at in the official blog from Universal, there is going to be an Easter egg on the back of each train. We believe this will be a flux capacitor from Back to the Future.

Looking very closely at the recent photos, this box on the back of the train may be this flux capacitor Easter egg. It appears to be covered in a blue protective film for now is all.

Graphic overlay by Scott Walker

Scaffolding has come down around the large comet icon at the front of Starfall Racers.

Just like the official concept art, this shiny art deco style comet icon is being covered in silver and bronze colors.

Official rendering of Starfall Racers

According to permit information the tail of this comet icon reaches all the way into the coaster’s station area.

Foundation prep work continues on the extended exterior queue for this ride, seen at number 3 in the next photo.

Hookups can be seen poking out of the ground where these extended queue areas will be built. A small block wall can be seen rising closer to the tracks behind this area.

Elsewhere in Celestial Park, Epic Universe’s central hub areas, one of the shallow basins in front of the Atlantic restaurant has seen its entire bottom get the light blue color. We saw the walls of these two basins get this blue color last week.

Near here, many of the cascading waterfalls at the park’s entry area have already received pouring, creating a network of small rivers that will appear to feed into the park’s central water features.

Just outside of the park’s main entrance, a small forest of new trees have appeared.

Super Nintendo World

Quickly checking in around the other worlds of Epic Universe, Super Nintendo World has seen most of the colorful Yoshi ride vehicles uncovered.

Amidst the colorful 2-seater Yoshi ride vehicles, we can also get our first good look at the egg-shaped accessibility vehicle.

This special vehicle features a Yoshi riding on the front of the egg.

Looking closer along the Yoshi ride path, it appears as though the base for the Conkdor character has been installed.

Still missing its head, this bird character will peck up and down towards the ride vehicles as they pass.

The Donkey Kong Mine Cart Madness roller coaster has reportedly been testing in recent weeks.

One of the mine cart-shaped ride vehicles can be spotted in the photo below, ready to dispatch.

The barrel for the ride’s launch at the top of the golden temple is now visible on site.

Mine carts will appear to be shot out of this barrel launch for the start of the ride.

Here’s an updated look at the palm tree shapes on the colorful temple wall on the left side of the attraction.

Scaffolding has come down around the golden temple section of this wall on the right side, revealing a nearly fully painted section.

The next photo shows a closer look at some of these large golden bricks as seen from the ground.

Dark Universe

At the front of Dark Universe, the land featuring the Universal Monsters, a large circular shape has appeared in front of the portal for the land’s entry courtyard.

Heading into the land, at the end of the village street, another round courtyard is taking shape.

This one is for the entry into the land’s main ride, expected to be named Monsters Unchained: The Frankenstein Experiment.

A completed brick wall can be seen lining the right side of this round courtyard, which features a cut-out center. This center area may be for a planter, fountain, or maybe an attraction marquee.

Looking at the ride’s large manor facade, most of the scaffolding has come down around the front.

Looking closer, we can see multiple vines climbing the front of this spooky manor. These vines match the motif seen on the land’s entry portal.

The other attraction for this land, a spinning roller coaster expected to be named Curse of the Werewolf has seen what may be the permanent nets installed over the pathways.

These black nets are only located under the track in the few sections that pass over guest pathways.

At the very back of the land, new scaffolding has gone up in front of the windmill-themed dining location. Perhaps this is for the installation of the windmill’s “burning blades.”

How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk

Looking into How to Train Your Dragon – Isle of Berk it appears that foundation work related to the main entrance to land’s roller coaster ride is starting.

The ride’s exit gift shop is already built, seen to the left of this area in the photo below.

The footprint for what may be Hiccup’s house can be seen on the ground, which is rumored to act as the entrance to this roller coaster, expected to be named Hiccup’s Wing Gliders.

Looking closer at the coaster’s first of two launches, we can see additional mechanical gears related to the story for this ride, which has it built by Hiccup himself.

Work has been progressing quickly on the grandstands behind the two Sky Fly spinner rides.

The roller coaster will pass through this structure, creating a headchopper element for the ride.

We’re getting our best look yet at the small house at the very top of the large mountain above the Meade Hall dining location.

One of the boats for the interactive boat ride can be seen in the two photos below, ready to launch using the maintenance access canal that connects to the ride’s lagoon.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Ministry of Magic

At the front of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Ministry of Magic we can see that the perfume ad-themed mural outside of the land has had its scaffolding come down.

Epic Universe Hotels & More

At the back of the park, the Universal Helios Grand Hotel continues to be enclosed, with some exterior panels seen missing on this side facing Dark Universe.

The rooftop bar is receiving framing around its exterior walls. It is expected to feature large floor to ceiling windows to offer grand views of the park on this side, and the fireworks show on the other side.

To the right of the rooftop bar in the next photo, the taller section along the roof is listed in permits as a ballroom.

Across the street, ground views of the Universal Terra Luna and Stella Nova Resorts give us an idea of just how vibrant and colorful the reflective tiles appear in person.

Most of Stella Nova is covered in tiles.

The section that is not yet complete, facing the theme park, just started started recently.

Terra Luna still has a ways to go to catch up, but is making good progress, with this section on the right half of the side facing Universal Blvd nearly complete.

The next photo shows a view of the same tiles as the photo above, but as seen from a different angle. This illustrates how the reflective tiles can appear as different hues depending on your view.

The main flyover traffic ramp leading to Epic Universe, located at this end of the extended Kirkman Road, is making good progress.

This raised traffic circle will be the main way to get to and from Epic Universe, and we can see the first road supports being constructed now.

That’s all for this update, but be sure to check out the video version of this story for additional visuals. A huge thank you to Bioreconstruct for the amazing aerial and on the ground photographs. You can follow him on X (formerly Twitter), Bluesky, or Mastodon for more incredible theme park photos.

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    I am a bit disappointed in the comet icon. The rendering shows a much more reflective almost mirror like chrome aesthetic rather than the satin flat silver non reflective color. Hopefully they will cap it with chrome like the “bean” in Chicago’s downtown park. Other than that everything looks spectacular.

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