Everything We Know About Revenge of the Mummy’s Extended Refurbishment

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Revenge of the Mummy is now closed for a lengthy refurbishment at Universal Studios Florida. Set to reopen “late summer,” there’s been talk of new track and an updated ride system that could give this fan-favorite attraction more decades of life—but, there are rumors for minor story changes as well.

Let’s go over everything we think we know about the Revenge of the Mummy’s extended refurb. See the video version of this story below for additional visuals.

Universal Orlando has not released any official details for Revenge of the Mummy’s refurbishment. All they’ve said is that it will be closed from January 7 through late summer of this year.

For years there have been rumors that the attraction, which opened in 2004, would be receiving all new track. This would be similar to how the Incredible Hulk Coaster was retracked back in 2016 to extend its life.

Since this attraction is indoors, many believe it will only receive some new track, mainly in places where it receives the most wear, and where fog effects are located that can dampen the track. We are also expecting the braking system and the coaster launch to be replaced and updated.

There were rumors that the ride’s computer control system and sensors would be replaced, and a new permit seems to back that up. The permit, which is listed as “Building 57 Upgrades”, calls for control system and electrical system upgrades.

Permit for the Mummy ride’s control system, Source: cityoforlando.net

Notice of Commencement for equipment installation, Source: occompt.com

This may be one of, if not the, biggest reason for the closure. Perhaps worth mentioning, the control system upgrade permit has an expiration date of June 7, 2022. While that doesn’t mean the entire refurb will be complete by that date, (especially if extensive testing is needed,) but at very least the control system installation should be.

We’ve heard about possible changes to the layout of the attraction’s queue. One longstanding rumor has the “Hot Set” theming from the first area of the queue to be removed, instead having us enter the “Museum of Antiquities” as the facade suggests. This would be similar to other versions of the ride, like at Universal Studios Singapore, where the movie set concept is skipped for a more immersive story.

Revenge of the Mummy in Orlando ended up losing much of its extended queue in recent years, partially from year-round Tribute Stores next door, but also from the addition of the indoor locker area. These early sections of the queue were some of the only areas that included the original queue videos that set up the attraction’s story.

In the 14-minute looping queue video we learn about the symbol of Medjai, and how everyone working on the set for a new Mummy movie has become superstitious due to a series of accidents. Even the craft services table won’t serve you unless you’re wearing a Medjai necklace.

Unfortunately, because guests are not in areas with these monitors for very long in recent years, much (or all) of this backstory is completely lost on new riders.

A running gag in the queue video is that Brendan Fraser keeps asking an assistant production assistant, Reggie, for a cup of coffee, but through a series of mishaps, Brendan never gets his cup of coffee. Returning guests who are familiar with the story are likely fans of the ride’s ending, which completes the cup of coffee story arc, but new visitors that have spent little time in rooms with monitors are often confused by the ride’s conclusion.

The queue videos are presented in standard definition, and aren’t of the highest visual quality. When the Incredible Hulk Coaster closed a few years ago for its big refresh, all of the original queue videos were replaced with new HD content, so many are suspecting the same may happen here.

If we do lose the queue videos, perhaps we will also lose any references to them on the ride. Luckily, there are only two: the cup of coffee finale at the very end of the ride, and something from the first scene.

Reggie and Imhotep seen in the first scene of the ride, Screenshot: DVC_Park_Hoppers

The first character we see on the ride is Reggie, the assistant character from the queue videos. At one point in the queue video Brendan takes Reggie’s Medjai necklace, which may have led to him being captured by Imhotep on the ride. Simply removing the hat from the Reggie animatronic would be enough to sever ties to the queue video.

Other than some technical enhancements, no other changes to the ride’s content is currently rumored. This closure seems to mostly be to help the ride last another twenty years, and not about changing its content.

Official promo art, Photo: Universal Orlando Resort

Early last year, the projected media on the attraction was replaced with new, higher quality renders. Shortly before that some lighting upgrades were made, and new entrance signage was installed, so they’ve already started to modernize the ride.

One way the ride is expected to make up for some of the extended queue it lost, is by adding a covered extended queue outside. In recent years they’ve had ropes up to extend the queue into the courtyard, but a new permit, called Building 57 Courtyard Improvements, appears to include plans for a permanent shaded structure to be installed.

Permit for Mummy courtyard improvements, Source: cityoforlando.net

Permit review notes mention Shade Structure Plans, Source: cityoforlando.net

When the ride reopens later this year, I think it’s safe to assume it’ll be back to tip top shape, with a brand new control system and possibly some new track. If rumors are true, there may be some minor story tweaks, but even if there are, nearly all of the actual ride experience should remain the same. And we’ll get to keep the ride for a while longer as a result.

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Be sure to check out the video version of this story for additional visuals, and see our last story for more information on the story changes rumor. Stay tuned for more information on this extended refurbishment as it happens.

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