Fast & Furious Drifting Coaster Rumored for Universal Studios Hollywood

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Continuing the trend of more roller coasters being added to Universal Parks, a new rumor says Universal Studios Hollywood may be getting a new coaster of its own. And this specific project may also help to right what some consider a wrong at the park.

Let’s dig into rumors for a Fast and Furious drifting coaster for Universal Studios Hollywood, and what that could mean for Supercharged. See the video version of this story for additional visuals.

Coming off the success of the Jurassic World VelociCoaster at Universal Orlando, it sounds like additional roller coaster projects are possibly being greenlit for other Universal Parks. For example, we recently talked about a rumored Universal Monsters coaster being added to the Epic Universe plans.

Fast and Furious Supercharged promotional art

Now, a plan that was originally being drawn up before the pandemic, seems to be back on the table. This would have a large, steel roller coaster added to Universal Studios Hollywood, based on the Fast and Furious franchise.

Facade for the Supercharged segment on Tram Tour, Photo: Universal Studios Hollywood

Designed similarly as the warehouse from the tram tour segment, the queue and station, as well as some of the ride, would take place inside of a big warehouse building, but coaster track may zoom out of both sides and over the structure as well. The coaster cars themselves would be designed to look like street racing vehicles.

Rumor has it this attraction could be designed by Intamin, and would feature a drifting effect. This would allow the coaster cars to individually rotate along with each curve in the track, accentuating the motion, while recreating the feeling of drifting a car.

Dynamic Attractions offers a coaster system that can create a drifting effect

Dynamic Attractions had developed a type of coaster with a fully rotatable base which would be perfect for a coaster concept like this. Called the Synergy Coaster, (previously known as the Duel Power Coaster,) this concept can utilize coaster launches, but also perform controlled spinning, similar to rides like Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind.

Dynamic Attractions coaster includes full motion base, which is not be needed for this attraction

The Dynamic Attractions concept may be more than this new attraction needs though, as it also features a motion base with 4-dimensions of movement.

Also, we don’t know yet if this rumored roller coaster would feature a single track, or utilize two tracks side by side, to create a street racing experience.

Super Nintendo World officially opens in 2023, Image: Universal Studios Hollywood

Work is not expected to start on this project, (if it in fact has been given the greenlight,) until after Super Nintendo World is completed.

Universal and Nintendo jointly announced that the new land being built on the Lower Lot will officially grand open in 2023, but work has been speeding up in recent weeks, leading some to believe it will actually be ready before this year is up.

Possible location for future roller coaster, Map Image: Universal Studios Hollywood

Early plans for this possible new coaster project had it being added to the Upper Lot, taking over the area where the Animal Actors and Special Effects stages are now. Coaster track may have even soared over the escalators, giving riders an up-high view of the areas below.

A newer rumor suggests that the attraction was also considered for somewhere on the Lower Lot, which could mean it might be considered as a replacement for Revenge of the Mummy. Rumors that the Mummy coaster would be next on the chopping block have been around for years, so it could possibly make sense to trade a coaster for a coaster.

NBCUniversal Evolution plan may allow for theme park areas to expand into studio area

As older soundstages are being replaced with new ones nearby, it’s also possible that a new Fast and Furious coaster attraction could actually expand the theme park’s Lower Lot presence, and add capacity to the park. We’ll have to wait and see.

There have also been rumors and speculation that Universal Orlando’s The Bourne Stuntacular may find itself on the west coast as well. This high tech stunt show could either be added to the Lower Lot, or even replace the Special Effects stage on the Upper Lot, if rumors for the new coaster being built elsewhere are true.

The Bourne Stuntacular show at Universal Studios Florida, Photo: Universal Orlando

The Special Effects Show has not opened back up since the park has reopened after the pandemic closure, and has even been removed from the official website.

Of course, with a new roller coaster being planned for the park, it’s certainly possible we could see the tram tour segment close in a few years when the coaster opens. That would give the original Supercharged segment a 10 year run.

All of this would likely be completed in time for the 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.

No rumors for whether or not the Supercharged ride in Orlando could be converted into a roller coaster experience of its own, but at least it sounds like the company is ready to fix it in one of their parks, so you never know!

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