First Look at “Drawn to Life” by Cirque du Soleil & Disney, Premiering April 17 at Disney Springs

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In collaboration between Cirque du Soleil, Walt Disney Animation Studios and Walt Disney Imagineering, “Drawn to Life” is a new show where an animator’s desk becomes the stage and drawings come alive.

A new behind-the-scenes look at the show reveals more details on the main characters, while also including some visuals from the show itself. Read about the new details below and check out the video. Tickets for this new show, which will be debuting April 17, 2020 at Disney Springs, are available for purchase here or by calling (855) 473-7783.

More details from Disney:

At its core, “Drawn to Life” is the story of the love between a father and a daughter. Delightful, mesmerizing movements of Cirque du Soleil acrobatic mastery pair with the magic of Disney animation to accentuate the story.

Our main character is Julie, a courageous and determined young girl. Her father, Tom, was a Disney animator who raised his daughter and surrounded her with Disney animated characters who helped her grow and played important roles in her life.

When Julie finds an unfinished animation piece and a letter from her late father, her imagination is awakened, and she embarks on an inspiring journey into the whimsical world of animation. Along the way, she meets characters like Mr. Pencil (her father’s favorite pencil), who help guide her. Julie also encounters Miss Hésitation, the story’s villain, who reflects Julie’s own doubts and fears as an artist.

Throughout her adventure, Julie is reunited with Disney characters from her childhood, giving her the encouragement she needs to animate with her own unique artistic voice. Let’s take a look at two acts from the show – The Inner World of Animation and Aerial Pencil.

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