Ghostbusters Rumored to Return to Universal Studios Florida

One of Universal Studios Florida’s opening day properties may be headed home, as new rumors suggest the company may have re-licensed the Ghostbusters.

With a new parade expected to feature classic film franchises on the horizon, along with a bigger lagoon show, and more, it’s possible we could see Proton Packs and Ghost Traps back in action. But could a new ride or even the return of the Spooktacular show be in the cards as well?

Let’s go over all of this and more in today’s news update. See the video version of this story below for additional visuals.

A special effects show named Ghostbusters Spooktacular was one of Universal Studios Florida’s opening day attractions. Running only from 1990 to 1996, the Ghostbusters themselves continued to make appearances in the park in the years after the show’s closure. A couple street shows featuring various Ghostbusters characters, as well as Beetlejuice, ran through 2005.

Nearly two decades later, and there are rumors that this franchise may return home to Universal Studios Florida, and in many different forms.

Official photo from Ghostbusters Spooktacular in the 1990s

The Universal Superstar Parade ended in 2022, after 10 years of operation. Universal has only said that the parade ended to “make way for new entertainment experiences,” but has not released any details in the time since.

Official photo of the former Universal’s Superstar Parade

It is rumored that a new parade could be coming as soon as this summer, in 2024. Universal has not yet announced a name for the parade, but they did file a trademark application for the name “Universal Mega Movie Parade” last fall.

Trademark application from Universal that may be related, U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

This name fits with rumors for the new parade. Unlike the former Superstar Parade, which featured mainly only kids’ properties, this parade is expected to also include classic Universal film franchises and retro Universal Studios Florida properties, so there will be something for everyone.

Official photo from No Limit! Parade in Universal Studios Japan

In addition to some new kid-friendly characters, some of the classic properties that are rumored to be featured in this parade include:

  • Back to the Future
  • JAWS
  • E.T.
  • Jurassic Park
  • and… Ghostbusters

Ecto-1 vehicle as seen in original film, Photo: Sony Pictures

One element that has been rumored to be heading to the parade will be a recreation of the Ecto-1 vehicle, as seen in the Ghostbusters films.

Reporting out of Fairmont, West Virginia says that an icon of a local car wash, an original 1959 Cadillac, was recently sold to Universal Studios after the location’s closure.

Classic 1959 Cadillac recently purchased by Universal, Photo:

While reporting has not disclosed how the vintage vehicle will be used, the owner was told it would be converted into a replica Ecto-1 and be used within the Orlando theme parks in some way, so many believe it’ll become part of this parade.

Work going on for new lagoon show, Photo: Bioreconstruct

Now, a new parade is not the only thing rumored to debut later this year, in 2024, as Universal Studios Florida is also working on a brand new lagoon show.

Once again, Universal has not revealed any details for the new show, including when it might be starting, but rumors suggest this will be a bigger, grander version of the last show, which itself did feature at least one classic property, E.T..

Former Cinematic Celebration lagoon show, Photo: Bioreconstruct

This new iteration of the show is rumored to include more classic properties, which may include Ghostbusters.

This larger-scale lagoon show is expected to feature taller show fountains, more pyro, and according to rumors, perhaps even drones.

New lagoon show fountains being installed, Photo: Bioreconstruct

Water drainage permits for the lagoon show enhancements show a new structure being constructed on the New York side, including several new projectors. The one-story building being built as part of this project is shown in permit images, which may be a new show control building, but the plans do not specify.

Permit image showing lagoon show construction,

To go along with this new parade and lagoon show, both rumored to feature the Ghostbusters, there’s yet another rumor for the summer at Universal Studios Florida. Some folks believe that this year’s Summer Tribute Store could also feature Ghostbusters as one of the themed rooms!

Aerial look at the lagoon being prepped for new show, Photo: Bioreconstruct

One rumor that has been picking up steam is for the return of a Ghostbusters Halloween Horror Nights house. After seeing a haunted house based on the original film at the event in 2019, rumors suggest this new house, possibly for 2024, could be based on the newer film series.

Promotional art for the Ghostbusters HHN house in 2019

These events and entertainment rumors are not the only stirrings when it comes to Ghostbusters though. It’s rumored that there has been a desire within the company in recent years to bring a full-blown attraction based on the franchise to the Universal Orlando theme parks. One of the rumored concepts for the tech behind such a ride may have ended up being used for Villain-Con Minion Blast.

Official photo from inside of Minion Blast attraction at Universal Orlando

With a Luigi’s Mansion interactive ride now rumored for Epic Universe, which would likely be very similar to an interactive Ghostbusters ride, perhaps a different sort of attraction could be developed for this property?

One rumored concept would be for the return of a special effects show based around the Ghostbusters. This new show could be built somewhere at Universal Studios Florida, but no word if it would be similar to the original live show from 1990s—which utilized a pepper’s ghost effect to make it look as though ghosts were interacting with live actors—or, if it would be a completely new show concept.

Promotional image for Ghostbusters Spooktacular

It certainly seems as though Universal intends to fully utilize the property in the park, especially if they have actually re-signed a licensing contract after all this time. I wouldn’t be surprised to see regular meet and greets with the Ghostbusters to return to the park, along with some of these other rumored concepts.

Photo of the firehouse at Universal Studios Florida as seen in the early 1990s, Source

At the very least, I bet we see the triumphant return of the Ghostbusters sign, to its rightful place, right here on the front of the firehouse in the New York section of Universal Studios Florida.

That’s all for now, but be sure to stay tuned as we should have some new official details for the DreamWorks land replacing KidsZone in the coming weeks. Plus, new rumors suggest other big changes are in store for Universal Studios Florida, both in the near term, and the long term.

Recent look at construction on Shrek’s swamp at DreamWorks land, Photo: Bioreconstruct

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Official photo from the Ghostbusters HHN house in 2019

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