Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store All Snacks and Treats – Photo Update

Since opening at the end of last month, the Halloween Horror Nights Tribute Store at Universal Studios Florida has actually added MORE snacks and treats to their already full case of offerings.

After showing off photos and videos of all of the props and memorabilia for the event on display in our last piece, today we’re going over all of the delicious-looking and spooky treats and snacks you can purchase. Check out the full photo report below, along with all of the prices.

You can find all of the prepared treats in the final room of the Tribute Store, themed as the carriage house and stables.

Here is a price list for all of the prepared items. This list has actually been expanded since the store first opened, as new items were added.

As in recent years, you can find the Beating Heart Gummy, but this year also sees the addition of the Light Up Brain Gummy. Each are $7. (Note, they only beat and light up on display, and the ones you purchase will not display these qualities!)

There are several types of cupcakes, each are $6.

The “Jack the Clown,” “Chance,” and “30 Years 30 Fears” Jar Cupcakes are $12 each.

Whoopie Pie and HHN 30th Logo S’mores are $4.50 each.

Three different Candy Apples are available for $12 each.

Candy Corn Marshmallow Pop for $4.50 and Candy Corn Brownie for $8.

Vegan Skull Brownie, (shown below,) for $4.50, and Cauldron/Pumpkin Cocoa Bombs for $10 each.

Frankenstein Cake and Coffin Brownie for $8 each.

Gourmet Ghost S’more $4.50 and Bride Wedding Cake $10.

Knife and Tombstone Trifle Cakes, $10 each.

Cookie Dough Balls, $4.50 each.

Assorted Jumbo Macarons, $5 each.

You can also find prepackaged snacks around this area of the Tribute Store.

Prepackaged fresh fudge that is sold here, available in a variety of flavors, including Pumpkin Pie, Candy Corn, and more, can also be found at the All Hallows Eve Boutique at Islands of Adventure. Each are $12.

You can find a few types of candy bars, popcorn, and other treats here, which can also be purchased in gift shops throughout the resort to celebrate Halloween Horror Nights.

The “Blood-Soaked” Popcorn, which is a kettle popcorn flavor, and Beetlejuice Popcorn, which has a sweet sugar coating, are each $9.

The single chocolate bars are $5 each, and the three-pack of chocolate bars are $9.95.

Boxed Cherry Candy, packaged Rock Candy, and tubs of Cotton Candy can also be purchased here.

The HHN Tribute Store is located at Universal Studios Florida, and is open every day, and every event evening, throughout the 2021 run of Halloween Horror Nights.

Be sure to check out our previous story for a look at all the props and more on display celebrating 30 years of the event, or watch the video above. And stay tuned for more theme park coverage!

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