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UPDATE: Due to the success of the lounge so far, it has been extended through March 31, 2019!

The first ever Annual Passholder Lounge at Universal Orlando is now open! Located in the Hollywood section of Universal Studios Florida, the new UOAP Lounge has taken over the Studio Styles store, located next door to Schwab’s Pharmacy. The Passholder Lounge will be open daily from 11AM to 4PM, and is scheduled only through January 31st, (however there are rumors that after this trial period it may remain open).

Passholders are welcome to come in to relax on comfy couches and free snacks are available. The lounge is sponsored by Coca-Cola (which explains the decor,) however there is not any free soda like you would find at SeaWorld’s lounge. Instead, you may purchase 20 oz bottles, including ones from the all-new Arctic Coke Cooler, that transforms your soda into a slush. Phone charging stations are also available and passholders can leave their mark on chalkboards along the walls. See the full photo report below and stay tuned for more theme park news and updates.

Welcome to the all-new Passholder Lounge, formerly the Studio Styles store, in Hollywood at Universal Studios Florida.

All members of your party must have an active Annual Pass or Seasonal Pass to enter the lounge, and you will be scanned in every time you enter.

Hours are posted on the door.

Inside you’ll find comfy couches and places to charge your device. Team Members offer passholders free snacks as well.

Side by side comparison of the lounge now vs when it was a store last year:

Charging stations available with cords of various types as well as USB and A/C outlets.

Sodas are available for sale (of course passholder discount applies here) and the Arctic Coke cooler allows you to turn your drink into a soda slush, right in the bottle, for no additional charge. Only available while supplies last apparently.

Free snacks are available to all guests in the Passholder Lounge. The first day had them offering small bags of chips and granola bars.

Passholders can pick up free buttons (while available) and car magnets at the lounge as well.

The walls have chalkboards with prompts for passholders to write their favorite things or discuss why they love being a passholder using the provided chalk markers.

Celebrities from the nearby Hollywood character greeting area would pop in from time to time. During my stay we were visited by Lucy, Marylin, Betty Boop, and the gang of Mystery Inc. (minus Scooby).

In fact, Lucy and Marylin were the first to write on the chalkboards, signing their names!

Let’s take a look at some of the chalkboards after the lounge was open for just one hour on its first day, shall we? (My contribution is the Butterbeer Ice Cream on the Must-Do’s list.)

In addition to all the obvious perks like air conditioning, free snacks, and phone charging, the lounge is just a great place to escape. The music they play inside is relaxing, and very different than the Hooray for Hollywood loop that plays outside. This will be a place I stop at every time I visit, and I hope it stays forever. Thanks, Universal Orlando. You really do love your UOAPs!

The new Passholder Lounge is open daily 11AM to 4PM. It is currently only scheduled to remain open through January 31st, 2019, (although it’s rumored to become permanent if deemed a success by then). UPDATE: Due to the success of the lounge so far, it has been extended through March 31, 2019! The space has a limited capacity, so you may not be able to enter if it is too busy at specific times. Valid Annual Pass (of any level) required for all guests in party for entry.

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  • Dan


    Been an AP holder for the most part since 2002. For some reason this has zero appeal to me. I go to the parks to enjoy the rides & shows, not sit in a room for free granola bars & chips.

  • Wolfe


    If they loved Passholders they’d create a passholder lane for entrance into the park.

  • Oscar Paz


    Great Article and I definitely think that there should be a place where AP’s can meet up in the park without adding to the pedestrian traffic.

  • H.E. Pennypacker


    Its small and nothing free,kinda like what you’d expect from Universal,its more for show than anything else.

    • Alicia Stella

      Snacks are free, chips and granola bars when I visited.

  • RFH


    I’ll be there later this week. Definitely going to check it out.

  • Newuniap


    Nothing to be excited about. Having a lounge sponsored by coke but not offering free drinks ( or heavily discounted) is just odd. Plenty of picturesque paces to sit and relax at universal instead of a tiny room with no windows. I was underwhelmed and disappointment honestly. Seems pointless. A second floor lounge that overlooks the park and gives free drinks would be something to be excited about

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