Permits Confirm Updated Harry Potter Wand Experiences Coming to Universal Orlando Resort

New and updated interactive wand experiences are on their way to the Wizarding World lands at Universal Orlando Resort.

Work walls can be seen up in multiple areas for what could be new additional wand experiences, and permits confirm that work is happening to improve existing ones within both Hogsmeade at Islands of Adventure and Diagon Alley in Universal Studios Florida.

All of the enhancements happening now at the current resort are rumored to be related to new and improved Wizarding World interactive wands, which are expected to debut ahead of Epic Universe opening. Let’s dig into all of the work happening at the existing resort, what permits can tell us about these experiences, and what rumors we’ve heard so far about possible wand improvements in today’s news update.

Multiple permits have been filed in recent months for work happening at both Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventure.

Listed as Project 576, these permits appear to be related to work on “HARRY POTTER WINDOWS” within the Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade areas of the parks.

Permits related to this project from

The permits for these “enhancements” are separated into what appear to be three phases. Many of the permits specifically list different elements of work including electrical, plaster, mechanical, plumbing, and more.

According to rumors, all of the existing interactive wand displays throughout both of the Wizarding World areas are receiving some upgrades. These upgrades could possibly include special effect improvements, new sounds, and more.

These changes are likely being made ahead of new updated wands that are rumored to debut by this summer at Universal Orlando, again, according to rumors.

Upgrading the existing interactive wand effects and window displays are only one part of this project, as work walls can be found in a couple places. It is believed that these work walls are up where new interactive wand experiences are being installed.

Work walls are up at the end of the dead end path leading to the lockers for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. This is believed to be the future location of one of at least two new wand experiences coming to Hogsmeade.

One of the public permits actually includes what may be the name for one of the new wand experiences coming to Hogsmeade.

The permit lists the experience as “DUELING DUMMIES,” which may be an allusion to the former Dueling Dragons roller coaster, while also offering a hint on the type of experience it could be. Perhaps this experience could see a wand duel between marionettes or some other type of puppet, or “dummy.”

Interestingly, wand dueling may be one of the new features of the possible new wands. These rumored new interactive wands, which we spoke about in an update earlier this month, are expected to contain new features not seen in the current wands.

Rumors for these possible “Wands 3.0” at Universal Orlando have them containing replaceable batteries which will allow them to feature haptics, a light at the tip, and new connectivity to the official Universal Orlando app.

One of the key features for these upgraded new wands will supposedly be connectivity with the app. Building on the success of the Power Up Bands for Super Nintendo World, an important element of the new Epic Universe theme park will be having app-integrated interactive elements for each of the themed worlds of the park, and the Wizarding World will be no exception.

Rather than simply triggering effects at each of the interactive wand displays around the multiple Wizarding World lands, a wand that can connect to the official app would be able to track which experiences you have completed. Like Super Nintendo World’s Power Up Bands, it could also allow you to complete “challenges” or unlock additional experiences as you level up.

Getting back to the name of one of the new wand experiences under construction now at Islands of Adventure, “DUELING DUMMIES,” the new app connectivity may also offer another feature to the wands: Wand Dueling.

With light effects and haptic feedback, as well as connectivity with the app, perhaps we could see multi-player games both within the Wizarding World—and even back at home after your vacation—where you could battle against others in wand battles.

Of course none of these rumored details have been confirmed by Universal Orlando, and may not happen, but they are worth thinking about when discussing the actual enhancements that appear to be happening around the Wizarding World lands.

Another set of work walls can be found within Knockturn Alley inside of Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Florida. These walls are blocking a decorative staircase located to the right of a window dressed as a Wizarding tattoo parlor.

At least one new wand effect is expected for this area, although rumors say there may be even more added within Knockturn Alley as well. One of these may include a Dementor effect so we can show off our own Patronus charm?

Keep your eyes out all around the Wizarding World areas over the coming months as these improvements are made to each and every window and interactive experience currently available. And look for additional work walls to go up for even more new experiences to be added.

As mentioned in our prior update, it is rumored that all existing interactive wands will continue to work at the interactive wand displays. Purchasing a new upgraded wand, (when and if they become available,) is only rumored to add new functionality—most notably the integrated app functionality.

Despite having permits showing that work is happening on the Harry Potter windows, none of the details above have been confirmed by Universal Orlando and should only be considered rumor at this time.

Rumors and permit information have the work around the Wizarding World areas to be completed within the next few months. New wands have been rumored for a summer 2024 debut for awhile now, but could debut any time between now and when Epic Universe opens next year in 2025.

Keep in mind that Orlando’s third Wizarding World area, which will debut with Universal Epic Universe in 2025, is expected to contain many new interactive wand displays of its own. Unlike the ones at Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley, these new wand experiences will be built with the new wands in mind.

See our recent Epic Universe update for more details on how the wand experiences may be incorporated into the new land, as well as more rumors for this new Wizarding World area.

Universal Orlando shared a first look around the construction at the new park just today, (seen above,) through their LinkedIN and UOTMLife Instagram accounts. It is expected that additional official details will be revealed for the new park in the coming days.

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