Signs Added at New Universal Studios Store in CityWalk Orlando

One of the projects we’ve been covering is the massive new Universal Studios Store under construction at CityWalk Orlando.

This store will be replacing the original, smaller Studios Store, which was re-branded as the Universal Legacy Store this week. The new store location is closer to the entrance to CityWalk. It was created by combining four older retail locations to make one massive new flagship store for the resort. See the video for a quick construction update, as well as the photo report below!

Signs have been installed on all sides of this new large store, including above the main entrance and side entrances. You can see a small globe sign as you enter CityWalk as well.

Here’s the concept art for what this side of the store will look like when complete.

Signage above the side entrance facing the CityWalk lagoon seen below.

Concept art for a possible section inside of the store. The store is expected to be split into different themed areas.

Work is continuing on adding theming flourishes to the walls. It appears that a lot of work is also going on inside the store, which appears to still be empty inside.

Concept art for this entrance, facing Universal Studios Florida, seen below.

That’s all for now, but be sure to check out the quick video for more construction progress. Also, stay tuned for our update of the new Legacy Store, featuring old props and models from classic attractions, coming soon!

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