VelociCoaster Annual Passholder Preview May 2nd Through 5th

UPDATE 4/22/2021 1:20PM: Emails are now being sent to all Passholders and registration is live. Story has been updated below with more information.

UPDATE 4/22/2021 12:23PM: Universal Orlando has not yet confirmed these dates, and emails appear to have been sent to very few Passholders as of yet.

Emails are going out now for Passholders to reserve their select time to experience the Jurassic World VelociCoaster before it officially opens on June 10th at Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

Passholders must click the reservation link in their email (or click here) and select and open slot for one of the days available, May 2 to May 5. Reservations are limited and the email says there will not be a standby line.

Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email with a QR code that you must bring with you to your reservation, along with photo ID and your annual pass.

Passholder check-in will be down the pathway between The Watering Hole and Jurassic Park Discovery Center, where a Team Member will confirm your reservation.

The official grand opening date for the Jurassic World VelociCoaster is June 10th.

With annual Passholders getting a chance to experience the ride this early it’s possible that we could see soft openings, or technical rehearsals as Universal calls them, in the days between previews and the grand opening.

Stay tuned for more details on previews and the official opening of the VelociCoaster at Universal Orlando!

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  • Donald Jackson


    As per usual for these special invitations, we saw the email 3 hrs after it was sent, and the reservations were already sold out! Hopefully, we will get some other opportunity.

  • cecil L Rook Jr


    Why is it filled so quick i tried 30 min after email and reservations were closed . I have constantly tried. I am a annual premier pass holder too

    • Admin

      They have reopened reservations multiple times since filling up, so it may be worth attempting to refresh periodically just in case more slots become available. But they do appear to have limited supply and demand is high.

  • Craig


    Got my spot for Sunday the 2nd at 8PM!

    • Sarah Ranee Weaver

      Do you guys think passholders, especially premier, might get to preview epic universe before it opens?? I’m really hoping so. That would be a fantastic thank you to those of us who are reaccuring, top tier passholders. Especially since we KNOW those prices are gunna skyrocket with the new park. Hopefully they continue to keep the option for a 2 park only UOAP, maybe there won’t be so many people who get a 4 park πŸ˜… honestly, I hope they do a 3 park that excludes volcano bay, because not everyone cares to pay for that access. Meh. I guess time will tell!

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