Busch Gardens is a popular theme park located in Tampa, Florida, known for its collection of thrill rides, animal safaris and live entertainment. This park is home to many free-roaming animals and is separated into 10 themed attraction areas. Locations such as Morocco, the Congo and Egypt are all are showcased throughout Busch Gardens and feature fully themed restaurants and thrill rides in accordance to each place.

The highlight of Busch Gardens for most visitors are the high speed roller coasters it offers, including Cheetah Hunt, one of the longest roller coasters in the country, and SheiKra, one of the first roller coasters in the world to feature a 90-degree drop. Cobra’s Curse, the park’s newest attraction, is a roller coaster featuring backward lurches and free spinning falls. For those truly fearless guests, Busch Gardens also offers Falcon’s Fury. This freestanding drop tower is the tallest in North America, and plummets riders towards the earth in a face-down dive position at speeds of 96 km/h. Other thrill rides include Kumba, Montu, Scorpion, and Congo River Rapids.


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