ParkStop Podcast: Episode 42 – Universal Parks News & Rumors

Alicia Stella Podcast

We discuss the possibility of new Nintendo attractions coming to Universal Parks around the world, plus more rumors for Hollywood and Orlando. The podcast is available in an audio version or a YouTube version below.

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Join us as we discuss possible new Nintendo attractions coming to Universal Parks around the world, including rumored details for Pokemon rides, as well as changes coming to Universal Orlando and more!

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  • Sharad Mehta


    Any idea as to how many guests are expected at EPIC/Nintendo Park in Orlando each year.
    Will there be one Park or two at the new location called EPIC/Orlando

  • Kevin B


    Alicia, have you seen the “newest” Universal patent Disney websites are talking about? The “Interactive Headgear”? Everyone’s taking the wording literally, like you’ll be wearing a helmet around Epic Universe. But if you ignore the surface nonsense and dig for the hidden truths, I found the bit about displaying “an image of hearts” as a major possibility. How about the hearts aren’t some unnecessary emoji festival and instead are hearts in a life meter? This could be a lot of Nintendo things, but it reeks of Zelda and dovetails nicely with the helmet patent that tracks location and is meant to keep people from running into each other in a mazelike attraction. Motion tracking would also work for finding virtual treasure chests and fighting virtual dungeon-dwellers…

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